REACH continues to add-on Live Streaming Digital Signage Options

Live Streaming Digital Signage Options

Expanded Streaming Capabilities

There’s no denying that streaming devices are becoming extremely popular, both for homeowners and commercial enterprises. That is why the team at REACH Media Network has continued to build upon their streaming goals. From YouTube Live shows to WebEx & Zoom meetings, our list of players can stream a variety of content to your audience.

Additionally, Brightsign players can be integrated with Roku/Apple TV accounts as a source for streaming live TV. This will allow you to stream live TV from these services without the need of purchasing additional Roku/Apple TV boxes. You can retain all the benefits of streaming feeds digital signage without sacrificing an entire display for a cable box.

This setup offers a number of advantages compared to traditional cable boxes, including:

  • Cable boxes are expensive and can require hefty monthly rental fees.
  • Running coaxial cables to each cable box is time-consuming and cost prohibitive.
  • Several streaming devices can be connected via Wi-Fi or hardwired using an Ethernet connection to stream content
streaming digital signage

REACH is constantly on the cutting edge of digital signage technology. In order to maintain this position, our team will remain dedicated to implementing more integrations in the future. Additional digital signage streaming options such as HLS, MJPEG, and RTP/RTSP are also possible within our software. With this in mind, streaming devices make an already affordable digital signage solution from REACH even more versatile.

digital signage streaming box
brightsign streaming media player


Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, REACH operates over 20,000 solutions worldwide with our growing 4,000+ partners. The partnership between REACH and the client is our main priority. This important relationship continues to evolve our robust, scalable and easy-to-use software based on our client’s needs.

If you are interested in learning more about REACH’s suite of digital signage, donor walls, tablet displays or mobile app, feel free to email or call 952-944-7727 ext. 200.

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