5 Digital Signage Trends To Watch in 2022

5 Digital Signage Trends To Watch in 2022

The start of a new year is an exciting time for business. Many industries are looking ahead in an effort to stay relevant in the minds of consumers. Especially in the digital landscape, trends and markets can change in an instant. With this in mind, it’s important to evaluate the market as it is in order to make preparations for the future. Here are 5 trends to keep up with during 2022.

Digital Signage will continue to be adopted by more organizations

The digital landscape is becoming increasingly intertwined with the way we communicate. Companies across a variety of industries are adopting digital signage software solutions and implementing creative strategies to reach their audience. In 2022, the digital signage landscape is expected to continue growing.

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Digital displays not only help cut costs but also environmental waste. Additionally, cloud-based signage can deliver information a lot faster in a more efficient manner. This makes managing the distribution of content much easier.

Interactive displays will see increased functionality

Interactive displays are still a relatively new development in the digital signage industry, and businesses are just scratching the surface of what’s possible. Retail chains have found a lot of success QR code displays that present viewers with exclusive deals, discounts, or other interactive elements. Restaurants are implementing kiosks that allow customers to place their orders without ever having to step up to a register. These are just a few examples of how interactive displays can improve the user experience. Not to mention, getting your audience to interact with your brand in new ways can leave a larger impact on how they view the value you have to offer.

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Social media content will see widespread use

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Social media offers a lot of versatility in how businesses can interact with consumers. Hashtags can help filter specific content, while geotags can help localize that content to certain areas. Over the years, social media has grown to include more dynamic elements such as photos and videos. Integrating this content with your signage can prove instrumental to your communication strategy. Furthermore, leveraging user content is a great way to deliver engaging content in a timely manner. The sheer flexibility offered through social media channels will make it an attractive communication tool for digital displays for years to come.

Integration options will continue to expand

Many digital sigage providers offer integrations with third-party channels. PowerBi, RSS Feeds, Google services, cloud integrations and more are all becoming essential features for digital displays. These integrations allow for a more interconnected communication strategy. As a result, providers will continue to increase the capability of their integrations, and the utility offered to content creators will yield more creative layout designs.

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Mobile will rise

There’s a saying in marketing that goes “If it doesn’t work for mobile, it doesn’t work.” It’s no secret the mobile landscape has changed the way companies conduct business, as it provides an accessible way to reach your audience at any time. However, the trick is using these tools effectively.

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Mobile integrations with digital signage will definitely see an uptick in 2022. Digital signage software can help deliver personalized messages that encourage users to take action. Coupled with the increased visibility options, mobile will definitely be an influential force in the digital signage industry.

These are some of the biggest trends that will see the most expansion in the digital signage landscape. However, using that information to bolster your communication efforts can be a daunting task. Be sure to keep up with REACH’s case studies and blog posts for relevant articles that can change how you utilize your displays.

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