Building a Successful Digital Signage Team


Building a Successful Digital Signage Team

The most successful digital signage campaigns are backed by groups where everyone has defined roles and tasks. Managing digital content is too big a task for one person, but a team jumbled together without a strategy behind them will result in a lack of focus. Sharing responsibilities not only prevents internal conflict, but also results in a more efficient workflow.

Partnering with many clients from a variety of industries has given REACH insight on the best team management practices used today. In this article, we divided the most common personas we see and paired them with the functionality REACH provides that is most relevant to their role. These tips will help you build a cohesive, task-oriented team.


Team Building Overview

Before you begin considering the roles within your team and who should occupy them, you should be aware of the user-management application within our content management software.

Our user-management app allows you to create and edit users, as well as assign them certain permissions for each tool. There are 3 levels of access within our CMS that are detailed down below. Something we recommend keeping in mind, high levels of access in the CMS do not always reflect someone’s standing within the company. This is purely meant as a way to split up tasks within your content management team.


Content Creators

The front line of asset creation, these are the people that will design your content first-hand.


Attentive Planners

Always looking ahead, these are the people who make sure the content reaches the right people are the right time.

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Mix In Some Motion

Tech-savvy with an eye for invention, this group will develop the apps and integrations that make up the backbone of your team.

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Digital directors

These people are often the glue that holds the team together, making final decisions and steering everyone in the right direction.

Building a Successful Digital Signage Team
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The last tip to keep in mind when designing your content is to have fun with it! Viewers constantly want fresh content, so do not be afraid to try new things! As you become more comfortable with digital software, you can begin experimenting with more advanced techniques and strategies. At REACH, we are constantly evaluating the digital signage landscape to see what the latest trends are.