5 Reasons We Are In Love With Digital Signage

Feeling the Love

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, meaning it’s the perfect time to show appreciation for the things we love. And at REACH, we love digital signage! But when you love providing clients with creative digital communication solutions like we do, it can be hard to narrow down what makes digital signage so special. That is why we asked some of our staff what they enjoy most about working with digital signage. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so be sure to let us know some of your favorites as well!

It’s good with money

You don’t need a fancy car or even fresh printer ink to impress with digital signage! Like any good partner, digital signage makes you feel secure about your communication efforts as it’s more cost-effective than traditional media.

Digital signage is cost-effective and super easy to use,” says REACH Account Manager Noah Persson. “With so many apps to use with the software, it’s a digital board for the digital world!”

5 Reasons We Are In Love With Digital Signage

It’s super flexible

5 Reasons We Are In Love With Digital Signage

Sometimes we need our partner to adapt on the fly to meet our wants and needs. Thankfully, digital signage is always up for something new! Whether you’re spicing up your current assets or experimenting with a new stream schedule, digital signage software lets you edit changes on the fly from any location.

“I like that this software allows our clients to be very diverse with the way they get their message out using the digital signage,” explains Account Manager Alex Tomczak. “It has always been fun to see what our clients can do when they run with it.”

It looks good

It’s no secret that good communication is attractive. Digital displays are high-definition, dynamic information centers that make announcements pop. With vibrant colors and multiple app integrations, you’ll be turning heads with digital signage in no time.

“Traditional media can appear cluttered and tacky,” Digital Content Writer Camden Leahy describes. “Digital signage ads typically look more polished.”

5 Reasons We Are In Love With Digital Signage

It’s fun

Sometimes the greatest pleasures are the simplest ones. Digital signage can introduce fun ways to get your viewers engaged with your brand. QR codes and touchscreens can get customers interacting with your content, while internal messaging can boost morale and productivity.

“I love getting to push fun content about the team!” exclaims Project Manager Annikka Oelhafen. “What’s better than an employee’s cute pet pics on signage?!?”

5 Reasons We Are In Love With Digital Signage

It’s here for the long-term

Another great thing about digital signage is that it isn’t going anywhere. Digital signage has seen increased popularity across multiple industries, making it a mainstream method of communication. These displays tend to be more relevant than traditional media too, as cloud-based management software allows for on-the-fly updates.

“As the signage industry grows, I love seeing the creative ways industries use their screens,” explains Director of Client Relations Tristan Helleen. “What used to be a niche product for scheduling purposes has turned into a universal communication tool for any company!”

5 Reasons We Are In Love With Digital Signage
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