Bolster Corporate Communications With Digital Signage

Improve Your Internal Communication Efforts Through Digital Signage

Running a successful business means making sure everyone is on the same page. Using digital signage to publish relevant information to your staff can energize them and result in a more efficient work environment. However, deciding what to post and determining the effectiveness of your content can be a complex task.

Bolster Corporate Communications With Digital Signage,

To help solve this issue, we looked at one of our partners to see how they leverage their internal communications to produce useful and entertaining digital content.

Get Them Going

One of the biggest things employers forget is that their signage can be used to motivate their staff. Many businesses only relay information through their internal signage, but doing so can make your displays stale. This client takes the time to highlight their strongest employees, recognize high-performing facilities, and honor birthdays.

Birthdays / Recognition

Bolster Corporate Communications With Digital Signage,

Employee / Facility Spotlight

Bolster Corporate Communications With Digital Signage,


Bolster Corporate Communications With Digital Signage,

It’s obvious this company takes pride in its employees and makes sure to show them off through its signage. Doing so allows employees to take pride in their accomplishments and thus stay motivated to perform well. Seeing their peers excel pushes others to perform their best too, and increases overall morale across the company.

Remind Them Who We Are

It may seem redundant, but dedicating designs to reiterating your core values as a company can be beneficial. Aside from employees potentially forgetting, presenting your core values in a dynamic manner reminds employees of the value of the service they provide.

Customer Feedback

Bolster Corporate Communications With Digital Signage,

Core Values

Bolster Corporate Communications With Digital Signage,

Company Pillars

Bolster Corporate Communications With Digital Signage,

Doing so can also heighten your staff’s sense of importance and unity within the company. Since core values are something shared across your entire business, it provides a way for employees to relate to the brand they work for. Notice that this company includes the 3 things customers say most about their business. This lets staff see the direct impact of their work, and positive reinforcement will continue to yield exceptional results.

Look Forward to Something

This business chooses to display its holidays and important events from a fullscreen view. As a result, employees have a reliable source they can routinely visit to stay informed on events that are relevant to their job. Additionally, presenting holidays, teambuilding activities, and other extra-curricular events can give your staff something to look forward to. Therefore, they will have the drive to push through the more demanding aspects of your business.

Bolster Corporate Communications With Digital Signage,

Keep Them Informed

Important messages can get lost among a pile of unread emails. Highlighting important notices through digital signage, especially ones that directly impact employees, will avoid confusion and potential conflict down the road. Not only that, but it will also help the business run smoothly.

Policy Updates

Bolster Corporate Communications With Digital Signage,

Added Functionality

Bolster Corporate Communications With Digital Signage,

Bringing these to the attention of employees shows you care about their well-being and want them to utilize the benefits offered to them. This not only boosts morale but can result in greater retention among staff, resulting in less spending on hiring & training new members.

Get Involved

Opening pathways for dialogue between your business and its employees can help staff feel heard. This business has a text line that employees can send their ideas and feedback to. By displaying this on their signage, they communicate to their workers that everyone’s voice in the company matters.

Bolster Corporate Communications With Digital Signage,

The result is employees that feel heard and a business that can always gather information regarding new ideas, employee satisfaction, and potential concerns. Hence, they will be able to easily evolve their strategy over time.

Use Touchscreens

Unfortunately, you cannot interact with the graphs below yourself. However, this company’s implementation of its PowerBi Report is a great resource for employees. By scrolling through each graph, they can see the exact amounts of materials that are booked and quoted as of the corresponding date. This allows users to manage schedules, identify strengths/weaknesses, adjust production lines, and strategize for the future. It also gives employees a reason to revisit, as the numbers update automatically. Hence, implementing a degree of functionality to your signage can help staff work more efficiently.

Bolster Corporate Communications With Digital Signage,
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