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REACH Media Network Helps Massachusetts General Hospital Expand its Digital Signage The digital signage program at Massachusetts General Hospital has been expanded because MGH collaborated with REACH. This program attempts to improve the hospital’s communication processes and supply patients and their families with more helpful resources. Every month, Massachusetts General Hospital welcomes tens of thousandsContinue reading “REACH Media Network Helps Massachusetts General Hospital Expand its Digital Signage”

Celebrate Hanukkah with Holiday-Themed Digital Signage Introduction Hanukkah is right around the corner, and many Jewish Community Centers, Temples, and Jewish-run businesses will be updating their messaging to reflect the holiday season. Doing so can freshen up your displays and attract new eyes while giving old viewers more reasons to return. There are many waysContinue reading “Celebrate Hanukkah with Holiday-Themed Digital Signage”

Top 6 Digital Signage Apps To Use This Holiday Season Introduction The holidays are in full swing, which means it’s time to introduce some seasonal spice into your digital signage strategy! Even if your organization does not celebrate specific holidays, introducing a holiday theme to your signage can freshen things up for your audience. ManyContinue reading “Top 6 Digital Signage Apps To Use This Holiday Season”

2022 Holiday Guide for Your Digital Signage Introduction It’s that time of year again! As we enter the final months of the year, preparations for the last slew of holidays will begin to ramp up, and digital signage is here to help. REACH has prepared all new templates and playlists to help get your displaysContinue reading “2022 Holiday Guide for Your Digital Signage”

REACH Media Network is Exhibiting at DSE 2022! Join us for digital signage expertise From November 17th through the 19th, REACH will be in the Las Vegas Convention Center for the Digital Signage Experience Tradeshow. Booth #318 will be staffed by CEO Darren Wercinski and EVP of Sales & Marketing Kiersten Gibson. Wercinski and GibsonContinue reading “REACH Media Network is Exhibiting at DSE 2022!”

Why Digital Signage Can Help Your School Campus Digital Signage for Education Many schools are looking for new ways to communicate with their students and community. More and more hallways are replacing their traditional bulletin boards with digital displays, as they allow for more flexibility and customization than physical media. However, digital signage software canContinue reading “Why Should I Use Digital Signage for my School Campus?”

7 Benefits of Digital Signage for Colleges and Universities Education & Digital Signage The world of education is being transformed by digital technology. Hallways, cafeterias, and classrooms are replacing physical bulletin boards and posters with digital signage. Digital signage comes with a host of benefits not afforded by traditional media, such as increased flexibility andContinue reading “7 Benefits of Digital Signage for Colleges and Universities”

10 Reasons Why I Need Digital Signage for Elementary Schools Introduction Schools are beginning to implement digital technologies in order to enhance the learning experience. Digital whiteboards give students the tools to interact with lessons directly, while other displays can keep the community informed on events, important deadlines, and wayfinding. As a result of theseContinue reading “10 Reasons Why I Need Digital Signage for Elementary Schools”

How to Set Up a Digital Notification Board for your School What can a digital sign do for you? Bulletin boards and physical posters are being replaced by digital alternatives. These digital signs afford the same benefits as their physical counterparts with added benefits that let them leverage apps and integrations. For instance, in additionContinue reading “How to Set Up a Digital Sign for Schools”

What is a digital reader board? Digital technologies and software are driving innovation through communication. The ways of print media are giving way to digital reader boards as the costs of these displays become more affordable. With a reliable digital signage software system, you can create enticing marketing efforts in ways traditional methods simply cannot.Continue reading “How to Set Up a Digital Reader Board Display”