Lobby Digital Signage for Your Office



These days, every business is looking for ways to make their space more digitally connected, and for some, more interactive – what better place to provide a digital solution than your main lobby?

Your lobby is the first area your employees and customers enter your building. Our lobby digital signage provides you with a “hot spot” for marketing your brand, informing your visitors, and keeping your employees up to date with internal communications all while saving you time, money, and hassle compared to traditional signage.

With our robust lobby digital signage software, you can connect to your audience with your messaging.  Easily display engaging content on your screens, manage your information in real-time, and even integrate content with news feeds, social media, and other forms of communication. 


Many types of establishments use digital signage within their lobbies, including but not limited to:

  • Hotels: Hotels are probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of digital lobby signage, where it can serve numerous purposes including events, everyday news, etc.
  • Offices: Both small businesses and corporate offices use digital lobby signage in their office for internal communications or welcoming visitors.
  • Schools: Digital lobby displays in schools keep campuses connected, and students and visitors informed on upcoming events, administrative updates, and extracurricular activities.
  • Medical offices: With patient care technology advancing every minute, so has digital lobby signage for their offices.
  • Banks: Waiting at the bank can be dull, but with our digital lobby display, you can stay updated on local news, weather, and internal banking updates.
  • Commercial real estate: Digital lobby signage offers huge advantages for commercial real estate spaces, especially when it comes to directories and wayfinding.


Our digital signage for lobbies has several advantages over traditional signage. Here are just a few reasons to switch to digital:

  • Easy updating: Our digital lobby signage can be easily updated at any time, with changes and new content appearing instantly.
  • Liven up your lobby: Traditional lobby signs are static, whereas our digital lobby display is dynamic, interactive and adaptable. One lobby screen can show a wide array of content, from web pages to directories to news feeds.
  • Modernize your lobby: Having digital lobby signs gives your entire space a modern, technologically-savvy feel to it.
  • Enhance the customer/guest experience: In addition to serving necessary functions, digital lobby signage can make the customer/guest experience better. REACH Media Network’s display technology can provide your audience with not only the information they need but also supplemental information they didn’t think of asking for.
  • Help grow your business: Some uses of our digital lobby signage can actually help your business gain exposure. Digital signage also gives your lobby a unique touch that will get people talking about you.
  • Make your employees’ jobs easier: The right display technology can be a rich source of information, answering customer/guest questions that are usually left up to your employees, saving them time for other, more pressing internal tasks.


With so many types of businesses upgrading their customer communication with digital signage, numerous potential uses of it continue to emerge, including but not limited to:

Digital wayfinding

Digital lobby displays featuring a map or directory of the building’s facilities can help customers and guests find their way without even having to approach the front desk. A lobby directory within your digital signage is particularly fitting for hotels, commercial real estate, and school campuses.

Soliciting and showcasing reviews

Digital signage for lobbies gives hotels and other businesses a way to display their company’s successes. Reviews are vital a way to show off your latest star-ratings, plus our digital lobby display can even include a call-to-action, asking patrons to submit a review.

Entertaining customers and guests as they wait

When is the last time you waited in a lobby without looking down at your smartphone? Digital signage can share entertaining content in your lobby, such as a live news feed, social media wall, or video, giving your patrons another way to pass the time. You may also want to provide them with other relevant content they may find useful, for example, health advice in a medical office lobby or financial tips in a bank lobby.

Improving internal communications

The office lobby is usually the first area your employees see when they walk into work, making digital lobby signage an ideal internal communications tool. Companies large or small can display news and announcements, employee achievements, key dashboards, or company social media feeds. It’s a worthwhile effort, as effective internal communications have proven benefits for employee engagement and productivity.


Let technology answer the obvious questions for your customers and keep them updated on local happenings, news, and events with digital lobby signage. Its many uses and display options can automate your content with easy-to-use technology, automatic platform updates, and straightforward template designs. 

Enhance your lobby today with digital signage for lobbies and contact us at REACH Media Network for questions, concerns, and solutions. 

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