Why Your Organization Needs Digital Bulletin Boards


Looking for a way to circulate information quickly at the office or your place of business? Digital bulletin boards allows you to share your important information by organizing it into digestible and visually pleasing display screens. At REACH Media Network, we’ve developed cloud-based digital bulletin software that can turn any screen into a digital bulletin board for easy-to-read, clear content.

Digital bulletin board inside Hormel Foods’ corporate office

What is a digital bulletin board? It’s a bulletin board that appears on a TV, computer monitor or any other digital screen that can be shared on multiple devices at once. Messages can be widely shared across every device, saving users time and informing viewers instantly.

From digital bulletin boards for schools to digital bulletin boards for corporations, their usage doesn’t stop at the screen, it ends with the viewer.

How Do You Make a Digital Bulletin Board?

With REACH Media Network’s digital bulletin boards, you can publish content with these four easy steps:

  1. Customize Your Design: First, use one of our many digital bulletin board apps to personalize the look. Our design team will help bring your design to life and brand your layout accordingly.
  2. Create Your Content: Drop your content into your design layout using our cloud-based signage software. Your updates are created with real-time publishing, instantly displaying on your chosen screens.
  3. Connect the Player: Connect your digital signage player to a wired or wireless internet connection and display the content using an HDMI cable.
  4. Display Your Content: As soon as you connect your player, it will start to display your desired layout. As you continue to use your device and create new content, application updates from REACH Media Network’s CMS will instantly download to the player while you use it.
Customizing the Google Maps app for digital bulletin boards

Common Uses for Digital Bulletin Boards

Discover the common uses for digital bulletin boards in corporate, educational, religious settings and more that have transformed communication on a large scale.

  • Digital Photo Albums: Imagine being able to seamlessly display everyone’s senior photo at their high school commencement ceremony. With our Photo Stream App digital bulletin board app, you can display photo albums to big groups of people by simply uploading your files. This feature is especially popular among businesses, religious institutions and schools that are looking to display numerous photos on a digital sign to celebrate individuals or highlight events.
  • Real-Time Traffic Widget: Never be late for a company meeting again! Our digital signage software is cloud-based, so your digital bulletin board will always be connected to the internet. This solution offers a whole host of possibilities, including the ability to add our Real-Time Traffic App to show traffic jams in your local area. This can make it much easier for individuals within your organization to better plan their commute or their stops throughout the day. And it doesn’t stop at the office! School digital bulletin boards can help educators and parents determine the timing of their buses’ arrival and departure based on traffic insights.
  • Social Media Updates: Showcase your organization’s various social media profiles via an interactive digital bulletin board that’s constantly updated. Digital bulletin boards for social media can encourage interactivity with your network, whether it be from your own employees or your customers. Want to communicate updates on your products or services? Get the message out quickly with our digital signage solutions. Many industries have used digital bulletin boards via social media as a way of free advertising, allowing them to get more leads while remaining confident that their information stays updated.
  • Interactive Calendar of Events: Whether you’re a small business or a large religious institution, your calendar is probably full of events. You may have an online calendar that’s shared by key personnel on your team, but how are others supposed to stay updated on new events, cancellations, and relocations? Thanks to digital bulletin boards, you can easily connect your online calendar to your display screens so that your organization’s events are dynamically updated and displayed for all to see.
A chemical spill alert on a digital bulletin board screen

Learn to Leverage the Power of Digital Bulletin Boards

Digital signage software is more than just communication, it’s aesthetics, convenience and so much more. Digital bulletin boards provide comprehensive information that gets your message across visually instead of verbally. You can’t always be the messenger, so take the stress out of your daily agenda and group collaboration with digital signage solutions from REACH Media Network.

If you’re intrigued by the many applications for digital signage we’ve featured above, feel free to contact our team today and learn more about digital signage software.