Creative Uses For Your Digital Signage

Creative Uses For Your Digital Signage content

Using Digital Signage in Unique Ways

Consumers are growing tired of the same old marketing techniques. Today’s consumers are looking for exciting new ways to interact with their favorite products and brands. Digital signage is a great way to make your promotions more memorable, as they offer greater flexibility and customization compared to traditional media.

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To cut through the clutter, it’s important to use your digital displays in creative ways that leave a lasting impact on your viewers. In order to get your signage off on the right footing, we compiled some unique digital signage solutions we’ve seen from clients.

Interactive Restaurant Kiosks

Digital signage goes hand-in-hand with the food industry. Many restaurants already use digital signage to create stunning promotions and menu boards. Additionally, restaurants can set up schedules that will rotate menus throughout the day. However, the facilities that truly stand out are ones that add a layer of interactivity to their signage.

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Interactive kiosks are streamlining the ordering process for consumers. They cut down on wait times while also allowing customers to browse menus at their own pace. From these signs, businesses can also display nutritional information such as ingredients, allergy warnings, calorie counts, and more!

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is great because it can do a lot for your organization with relatively low effort. People look to their peers when evaluating whether a business is credible and can suit their needs. Displaying positive user reviews and feedback from other clients immediately establishes you as a trustworthy business.

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Increasing engagement is also a great reason to utilize user-generated content. Encouraging your customers to participate in trends and post to company hashtags will keep a constant flow of content being added to your social media feeds while also projecting a positive brand image. Videos, images, and text can all be displayed through digital signage and is a great way to diversify your content library!

Internal Communications

Improving internal communications has also been shown to improve overall productivity. Traditional methods of communication like email can get lost or ignored altogether. Digital displays are vibrant and eye-catching, making them great tools to convey important information. Once you have the attention of your staff, you can display performance trackers in real-time. KPI’s, PowerBI integrations, and other analytics can give employees useful information that will motivate them to continue performing well.

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Live Traffic Displays

One of the more common uses for digital signage is for wayfinding. Digital directories and maps are commonplace in areas with high foot traffic. However, setting up a live traffic feed can take this a step further. This will help your audience plan their day and avoid traffic jams. Providing a way to alleviate this frustration adds value to your brand. Airports and public transportation can use digital signage to alert travelers about incoming planes or scheduled bus times as well.

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