REACH Has Partnered with Multiple State and Local Tourism Centers

REACH Has Partnered with Multiple State and Local Tourism Centers

REACH Media Network is proud to announce a partnership with multiple states and cities to power digital displays in tourism centers. Notable partnerships include the State of Arkansas where REACH tourist centers digital signage in multiple centers throughout the state, the City of Proctor where REACH powers 2 digital displays, and many other local and state facilities across the country.

Digital Signage to Grow Local Tourism

Our digital signage for the government offers a variety of ways for tourism centers to disseminate important information to visitors. A few examples of ways that local tourism centers are leveraging the power of digital signage include:

  • Social Media — REACH software allows local and state government entities to connect relevant social media accounts to automatically populate updates to digital signage. This allows centers to keep visitors updated about upcoming events.
  • Interactive Calendar — REACH digital signage software offers a whole host of interactive widgets, one being a calendar that allows your team members to alert visitors about upcoming events.
  • Cloud Based Digital Signage Software — All REACH software is completely cloud-based. This allows your team members to make changes remotely and have these updates propagate to multiple digital signage devices regardless of their location.

REACH Media Network has long worked with local government departments and agencies across the country and is poised to help municipalities across the country provide up-to-the-minute information for visitors.


Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, REACH operates over 20,000 solutions worldwide with our growing 4,000+ partners. The partnership between REACH and the client is our main priority. This important relationship continues to evolve our robust, scalable and easy-to-use software based on our client’s needs.

If you are interested in learning more about REACH’s suite of digital signage, donor walls, tablet displays or mobile app, feel free to email or call 952-944-7727 ext. 200.

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