F.Y. Eye: How Digital Signage Expands Your Influence

How Digital Signage Software Expands Your Influence

The Digital Landscape Is Growing

Recently, REACH partnered with F.Y. Eye, a nonprofit advertising organization based in New York. F.Y. Eye works with other nonprofits, government agencies, and community projects to display digital advertising campaigns through digital signage. Their focus centers around PSAs, which relay important information to communities across New York. The goal of this partnership is to continue to increase the scope of their projects to a national scale.

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This partnership serves as a fantastic case study on the impact digital signage can have. For instance, when looking at F.Y. Eye’s website, the numbers speak for themselves. Upwards of 1 million people in New York have been reached through their efforts alone. In addition, over $9 million has been saved through their efforts.

However, this new partnership will allow them to expand their influence. It is estimated F.Y. Eye will be able to reach around 23 million people across the nation. A large part of that is thanks to REACH’s cloud-based management software. With REACH’s powerful digital signage tools, F.Y. Eye can manage signage in California while still operating out of New York. In addition, costs will also be cut as there is no expense for transferring any physical assets.

With this in mind, F.Y. Eye can extend its free advertising platform to organizations across the country. This brings in business, clients, and aid to communities that would otherwise miss out. Therefore, the impact of its messaging can have on their audience will elicit a stronger response. This is especially important for a company like F.Y. Eye, whose PSAs broadcast important information such as health awareness, food distribution locations, immigration services, and more.

If you would like to bolster your company’s influence, click the button below to request a free demo and begin your digital signage journey with REACH. For more information on the recent partnership with F.Y. Eye, click here to read the full article. Donations can be sent to help F.Y. Eye continue their efforts by visiting their website or clicking here.



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