Digital Sign for California Elementary, Middle, High School & College

Digital Signage for California Schools

Digital Signage for California Schools | Elementary, Middle, High School & College

Elementary, middle, high school and college schools looking to improve campus communications should look to invest in digital signage for schools. Thanks to digital signage for California schools, educational institutions can greatly enhance the learning experience for students in a wide variety of different ways.

REACH Partners With Large Number of California Colleges and Universities

REACH Media Network has long partnered with a large number of universities and colleges in California. In fact, more than 50 California educational institutions use REACH as their campus wide digital signage solutions. A few of these institutions include UCLA, USC, Cal Berkeley, Cal State Northridge and Cal State San Bernardino.

REACH Digital Signage Not Just for Higher Education Institutions

While REACH is firmly connected with a number of higher education institutions across the state, elementary, middle and high schools like Harvard-Westlake in Los Angeles can also benefit from the many features of REACH digital signage software. Use our College Digital Signage Apps to create live and engaging content for your school!

Benefits of REACH Digital Signage for California Schools

Below are just a few of the many benefits that schools can leverage for their college digital signage:

  • Build School Spirit – Use digital signage to boost school spirit on campus. You can brand your digital signage with school colors and even showcase content related to boosting school spirit at your educational institution. REACH digital signage software offers all sorts of multimedia capabilities that can allow you to really get students and staff fired up when it comes to rooting for the “home” team!
  • Share Upcoming School Events – Our digital signage software offers the ability to share upcoming school events. Automatically sync cloud based school calendars to our software so that all of your events remain in sync on your digital signage.
  • Countdown Clock – One of our most popular features is our countdown clock which allows you to provide a daily or hourly countdown to upcoming events or to the last day of class!
  • Social Media Content – REACH offers a an interactive widget that allows you to share social media content directly on your digital signage. This can help you to encourage students and staff to stay active on social media and to boost school spirit all at the same time!

Ready to Give REACH Digital Signage a Try?

There are countless ways that California schools can benefit from digital signage. To learn more about how your school can leverage the power of digital signage to boost communication between students and staff, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today by phone at 952-255-6296.

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