Cumberland Regional High Empowers Learning With Digital Signage

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Cumberland Regional High School Gets Students Involved With Digital Signage

From events to clubs, learn how Cumberland Regional High School uses school digital signage to strengthen student participation


Cumberland Regional High School is a public school located in the northwest region of Cumberland County, New Jersey. Serving seven communities and over 1,000 kids from ninth to twelfth grade, communication is critical to properly serve the students and their families.

However, Cumberland Regional High was running into a problem. Wanting to bolster their student involvement, Cumberland was left wondering why enrollment for clubs and activities was lower than they were expecting. Eventually, they figured out no one was listening to the morning announcements! With this in mind, the school went about finding an alternative means of communicating with its students.

The Challenge

Since no one was listening to the morning announcements, Cumberland Regional High needed a way to constantly deliver information to students that were eye-catching and easy to find. This communication needed to not only tell students what was going on, but also where, when, and with who. The school also had to think about how visitors, parents, and staff would utilize this new communication method. Considering how busy an average school day is, Cumberland wanted to give each department the power to control its own messaging. With this, the school set out to improve its communication strategy by using digital signage for schools.

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The Solution

Before partnering with REACH, Cumberland Regional High had a few monitors set up in the hallway that would display announcements. Eventually, they realized that these monitors were drawing more attention than previous communication attempts. After seeing the student response, Cumberland began searching for a school digital signage solution, and eventually partnered with REACH.

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The Results

Each department now has its own school digital signage displays with school digital signage software, giving them the power to push their cultures and encourage kids to get involved. Creative uses such as displaying best bench press PR’s, streaming TV during lunchtimes, and Office 365 calendar integrations kept students and staff alike engaged. Employing digital signage through REACH has also cut down on emails, keeps everyone on the same page, and allows them to send out announcements in real-time.

Looking toward the future, Cumberland shows no signs of slowing down. They plan to implement digital signage on all levels of the school sometime soon. In addition, Cumberland wants to use their digital signage tools as a way to teach students about digital communication and marketing. Student Council members, for example, would be able to take over some of the school-wide announcements. This could then act as a great educational resource for students to develop their skillset.

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“The biggest thing was it was easy to use. I wanted something that I could show someone with minimal computer background how to create something. We also wanted something that could be controlled from one area. I didn’t want to run around to six different departments. Now, departments are able to highlight and push their cultures forward without being inundated with other emails and messages. For what you’re getting, there’s no better value!”
-Ralph Aiello, Principal of Cumberland Regional High School

“For what you’re getting, there’s no better value”


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