New Digital Signage Integration


Digital Signage INTEGRATIONS

New Digital Signage Integration,

Improve the Way You Share Data and Metrics

Connect your data with digital signage for real-time instant updates

Digital signage integrations are one of the best ways to ensure your mission-critical messages are updated and displayed across your screens. Connect third-party platforms, APIs, and KPIs to sync and show your data and content. Dashboard metrics, O365, POS data, and reports are all examples of digital signage integrations.


Display your organization's metrics, charts, goals, and other data. Connect your KPI dashboard to digital signage to automate the process of refreshing your data, making sure that all KPIs are correct and up to date.


Sync your daily schedules, event listings, class schedules, and other agendas with digital signage to ensure your daily activities are correctly displayed with accurate times and dates.


Connect your alerts notification software with digital signage for real-time emergency screen takeover to display safety notifications, building evacuation plans, and protocols.


SSO Integrations with digital signage are ideal for multi-user enterprise deployments. Streamline user management and easily control who can access and update your screen's content with SSO.

Streamline Day to Day Communications

Easy to set up signage integrations

Live and real-time our digital signage integrations will transform how you distribute information.

New Digital Signage Integration,

Save Time and
Increase Productivity

let us automate everything
for you

Connect your 3rd party data sources and feeds with REACH to streamline efficiency, reduce costs, and unify your visual communications strategy. In addition, our digital signage integrations can be set to auto-refresh with your existing database and software platforms to auto-update on the screens that you deploy. This type of set-up will eliminate you from logging in and manually updating your content.

New Digital Signage Integration,
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New Digital Signage Integration,
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