Top College Digital Signage Apps

Digital signage apps

Top college apps

As of 2020, there are about 19.75 million college students in the U.S., with that number expected to increase. With a growing student body, it is more important than ever for campuses to improve their communication efforts to effectively inform students and staff of upcoming events, new announcements, and important deadlines. Digital signage can bolster campus communication through eye-catching displays and app integrations that create a dynamic approach to delivering information.

REACH’s content management software carries a variety of applications and tools that introduce a great deal of flexibility, allowing universities to maintain their branding. Apps are not only helpful, but they enhance the overall campus experience. In this article, we will share the most commonly used apps and how they benefit a college campus.

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TOP digital college apps

Media Library & Playlist

The Media Library and Playlist applications are the most used applications for educational institutions, and for good reason. The Media Library is where you store all your assets and where you can find the Announcement Editor tool. If you have a Canva account, you can link it with the REACH software to create stunning designs as well. Regardless of the method used, the Media Library acts as a hub of assets that can be accessed from anywhere thanks to the cloud-based CMS. The Playlist tool then allows you to organize your assets to play in a certain order. These two apps work together to deliver a constant flow of new content/information to engage viewers.

College Digital Signage Apps
TOP digital college apps

Social Media Apps

From talking with their peers to organizing group projects, college students use social media in nearly every aspect of their lives, making it crucial for universities to manage their social media accounts. Having social accounts for each department or club can help guide students to their interests and make new friends. Staff can use business pages to give curriculum updates, update assignments, or share materials with one another. Proper integration of a college’s social channels can boost campus engagement and spread information to targeted groups.

Top College Digital Signage Apps
TOP digital college apps

Data Lists

The data list application can be adapted to perform a range of services. From digital directories to menu boards, data lists exhibit a large amount of information in an organized manner that keeps things simple for the viewer. People are less likely to be confused/frustrated when looking at well-designed data lists, increasing their chances of returning to your facilities. The result is a more informed audience that utilizes campus services more effectively, thus strengthening the learning environment.

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TOP digital college apps

Calendar App

There is rarely a dull moment on a college campus. Often, multiple events and activities are going on at once. Without proper guidance, students can become overwhelmed and conflict between organizations can arise. Digital signage can help alleviate these frustrations through the Calendar app.

Schedule reoccurring events, group similar listings together, and customize the display format in a way the matches your school branding. It’s a great way to keep viewers informed about what is coming on the horizon.

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TOP digital college apps

Emergency Alerts

Universities have the responsibility to ensure the safety of their residents. Emergency communication can be a daunting task when you are trying to reach so many people. Digital signage can employ alerts that override the content previously playing and promote what to do and where to go in emergencies. These alerts cultivate a greater sense of safety on campus.

College Digital Signage Software Capabilities
TOP digital college apps

News app

Whether it is local news about the school or a worldwide phenomenon, students, and staff alike use the news to make informed decisions throughout their lives. Students find value in the news as it gives them interesting topics to converse with their peers. Additionally, staff may incorporate it into their class discussions or policy changes. Digital signage is a perfect tool to relay the latest news in a timely manner to campus residents.

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