10 Tips to Get Started Digital Signage for Employee Engagement

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Improving Employee Engagement Through Digital Signage

10 Tips To Maximize Employee Engagement Through Digital Signage

Digital signage has proven to be an effective method of bolstering internal communication efforts for multiple businesses. Having a strong line of communication with your staff is crucial to establishing a positive workplace culture. Cultivating a positive workplace will result in greater productivity and a more efficient workflow. With all the apps and integrations digital signage offers, there are many ways to get your staff engaged and boost morale around the office. These 10 employee engagement tips will give you some ideas to strengthen your internal communication process. Looking to try it out for yourself? Click here to sign up.

1) Employee Recognition

One of the easiest ways to boost morale around the office and improve productivity is to recognize the achievements of your employees. Whether it’s a work anniversary, birthday, or highlighting a certain achievement, propping up your staff demonstrates appreciation for all their hard work. As a result, other employees are also encouraged to work hard. Additionally, it also shows that a company is paying attention to the efforts and needs of their staff, allowing employees to feel connected to their organization.

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2) Internal Social Media

Many companies utilize internal social media platforms like Slack or Workplace to communicate with their staff. Displaying these platforms through digital signage is a quick way to keep everyone on the same page. This in turn can reduce confusion and improve productivity. However, it does not have to be all business on these platforms! Posting staff vacation stories, employee cookouts, and other team-building activities go a long way toward building a positive workplace culture.

3) Key Performance Indicators & PowerBI

Many digital signage software providers will include PowerBI integration that can display a multitude of data. KPIs can display useful information that your teams can use to adapt their strategies on the fly. Seeing this information also allows management teams to analyze where the company’s strengths and weaknesses are. The result is a constant flow of important information that employees can utilize to improve their own performances.

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4) Feedback Systems

Digital signage for employees also allows companies to receive feedback in an efficient manner. Through the use of QR codes, companies can include links to surveys, quizzes, and other feedback systems that give employers an idea of employee attitudes, wants, and needs. Once this information is gathered, the company can make specific changes that improve the workplace culture.

5) Entertainment Options

Businesses commonly employ digital signage in breakrooms and lobbies. These are often areas for viewers to relax and unwind. However, barren walls or a lack of interesting content can result in boredom in your staff. Using your digital displays to stream live TV or sports updates can give your employees a reason to continually revisit your signage. Additionally, providing entertainment can energize your staff, allowing them to return to work with renewed focus and determination.

6) Safety Information

Above all, the safety of your employees should be the highest priority. Digital signage is a great way to quickly post safety guidelines and reminders. Employees can use these to hold each other accountable as well, creating a workplace that values safety and cooperation. Displaying safety information demonstrates a real concern and interest in the well-being of your staff, which in turn strengthens their attachment to your company and motivates them to continue working efficiently.

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7) Interactive Games

As stated previously, QR codes can open the door to many interactive elements, one of which can be in the form of fun games! Using a QR code, your employees can be taken to trivia forms, mobile games, and other interactive mediums. Employing these into your layout designs can help the team bond and give them something to do and discuss during breaks. These options give staff a way to relax while still stimulating their minds, making them feel more prepared to return to work tasks!

8) Emergency/Weather Alerts

Emergency alerts and National Weather Alerts can be set up to take over the entirety of your screens. This will suspend all other content temporarily in order to display the important announcement. By doing so, you guarantee the safety of each employee during potential high-stress scenarios. This can help put their minds at ease and allow them to focus more on their jobs.

9) Training Videos

Digital signage can also be a good way to refresh employees on basic training methods and techniques. Using videos will catch the attention of more employees than traditional media and help them retain more of the information. This will make them feel more confident when performing their duties and will even increase the efficiency with which they work.

10) Calendars/Schedules

Your business likely holds dozens of meetings, conferences, and other events on any given week. With so much going on, it is important to make sure your employees are not missing important deadlines. Therefore, integrating calendars and schedules into your layouts will help your staff stay up to date on what’s happening in your organization. This will improve planning and can boost performances across the board.

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How To Choose The Best Software For Your Needs

Similar to implementing digital communication tactics, picking the right software for your business is going to require a well-thought-out strategy. Signs you employ employee engagement software on will differ from signs that you use for advertisers. With that in mind, it is important when looking for a digital signage software provider to find one that comes with the features you need to improve employee engagement. Browsing their website or contacting a representative will give you a good idea of what each provider has to offer.

How To Implement Digital Signage in Your Company

Once you decide on a digital signage software provider, it is time to actually implement digital signage in your facilities. However, this process can be a bit overwhelming for new clients. Luckily, REACH is here to help. Our digital signage quick start guide will break down the basic steps to get started with your digital signage. If you have questions like “How much does it cost to install a display?” you can contact us now for a free demo and estimates on your costs.

Why You Should Invest Now

Digital signage helps your staff perform their jobs more effectively, motivates them to work hard, and allows for two-way communication between employees and management. The result is not only a more positive workplace culture but also a more efficient one. With multiple methods of reaching your team, digital signage will bolster how your company can come together to better serve your consumer base. To get started, click the button below to request a free demo!