Creating a Digital Content Strategy

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Creating a Digital Content Strategy

Having effective digital signage can do a lot more for your business than just increasing brand awareness. Increasing your digital footprint, boosting web traffic, promoting new products, and providing a better experience for those in your facility can all be measured to be achieved through digital signage. However, not every project will require the same methods, nor will they always yield the same results. It is important to build a strategy for your digital content, so you can stay on target with your communication objectives.

As experts in the field, REACH has seen thousands of digital signage strategies employed and has a wealth of industry knowledge when it comes to crafting an effective approach. This article will detail how you can identify the key factors to a successful campaign.


Identify Your Goal

An effective strategy is held together by a straightforward, easy-to-understand, and often measurable goal. Vague objectives like “boost engagement” can spiral off into multiple directions and become messy. A more specific goal will keep your team focused and will allow for a streamlined thought process when coming up with your campaign tactics. Below are a few of the most common examples for employing a digital content strategy.


Keys To Success

Once you have your goal in mind, you must determine what factors will measure your success. This comes in the form of your Key Performance Indicators. URL clicks, Google searches, qr code scans, and other calls to action can help measure your quantifiable goals. On the other hand, company polls, surveys, and social media feedback can help you measure non-quantifiable KPIs such as desired actions or behaviors.

Keeping these KPIs in mind as you move forward with your digital strategy will help keep your campaigned focused. Knowing what you are working to change will make it easier to craft campaign materials that work toward that objective.

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Keeping your KPIs and objectives in mind, you can now begin to brainstorm how, when, and where you will employ your tactics. As you become more comfortable with digital software, you can begin experimenting with more advanced techniques and strategies. At REACH, we are constantly evaluating the digital signage landscape to see what the latest trends are. Visit our website now to learn more and contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.