7 Ways To Use Healthcare Digital Signage

An Introduction to Digital Signage

Every day, healthcare offices are full of patients looking to get prescriptions filled or injuries healed. These patients will be looking for reliable sources of information and entertainment. Digital signage offers a flexible system that can provide real-time updates to your audience. The following tactics will detail how your medical office can utilize digital signage. Looking to try digital signage out yourself? Click here to get started!

Live TV

One of the most common uses of digital signage in medical offices is the use of live streaming and live TV. This is an extremely simple way to provide entertaining content to your audience without having to build new assets. Not only that, but the nature of live tv ensures they will have new content every day. Additional services can be streamed through the internet as well, such as YouTube. You can even supplement these displays with further entertainment options such as sports scores and news stories. Keeping viewers glued to these screens should help those long waits at the office fly by!

live tv digital signage

News & Sports

Using the TV capabilities detailed above, you can also provide live news and sports to your visitors as well! However, if you would like to save some space in your designs, smaller options are available for these as well! The news application allows you to present simple headlines, captions, and images for the latest articles from your favorite publications. Custom sources can also be integrated, giving you full control of your displays. Sports headlines can also be presented, or even just simple score updates for your desired teams or leagues can be shown as well. This ensures no one misses out on important events or big plays!

live sports digital signage


Some hospitals have large campuses that can be confusing to navigate. Depending on the situation, this can be a huge stressor for visitors trying to find the right office. Offering digital wayfinding tools around your campus can alleviate these frustrations. Placing these displays in high-traffic areas guarantees visitors will see the information they need. From there, you can still flesh out these wayfinding displays with other, smaller announcements, such as calendar events or wellness tips.

Social Media

Social media can be a great way of reaching your audience outside of your facility. It is an easy way to expand your digital footprint while creating quick content. With digital signage, you can leverage this content for your displays! Social trends and challenges can be shared to entertain guests or even encourage them to participate and post on your timeline. Additionally, social media is a great resource for quick tips and information. Using posts to give basic health advice is a fun way audiences can learn from your displays.

social media digital signage apps


Interactive displays are a growing form of digital signage. These kiosks can dispense antibacterial sprays while presenting content to your audience. This content can be short-form pieces of information, such as social media posts discussed above. These signs come with the benefit of giving your audience a reason to view your signs without actively seeking them out. These are often placed in high-traffic areas to ensure as many people can access them as possible. As a result, you can convey your message to people that otherwise may not have seen it.

Emergency Alerts

Emergencies happen, and it’s important to be prepared when they do. Emergency alerts are announcements that can take over each of your screens to relay an important message or announcement. The information displayed can range from situational details, escape routes, or brief instructions. This can go a long way toward ensuring the safety of your audience.


Weather can affect our mood, travel plans, and other daily routines. As a result, the weather is something your audience will need to be aware of every day! With this in mind, including weather displays within your designs can provide a reason for your guests to regularly visit your signage.


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