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Get Jolly With Christmas-Themed Digital Signage ‘Tis the Season of Digital Signage! ‘Tis the season to update your digital signage! Christmas is on the way and viewers are looking to get into the spirit of the holidays. This is a perfect opportunity to freshen up your look with Christmas-themed decor. However, each industry celebrates differently.Continue reading “Get Jolly With Christmas-Themed Digital Signage”

NHL Team Dallas Stars Deploys REACH Media Digital Signage to Streamline Fan Experiences REACH hits the ice! The Dallas Stars have partnered with REACH to further develop their hockey digital signage program. The plan is to expand the use of hockey arena stadium digital displays while simultaneously creating various content that audiences would appreciate. AContinue reading “NHL Team Dallas Stars Deploys REACH Media Digital Signage to Streamline Fan Experiences”

REACH Announces New Corporate Metrics KPI Digital Signage Dashboard Tool Measure Performance Like Never Before REACH has upgraded its CMS to include a new dashboard for corporate KPIs. This new feature will display essential data in clear charts and datasets. The new dashboard’s ability to track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), production deadlines, and output ratesContinue reading “REACH Announces New Corporate Metrics KPI Digital Signage Dashboard Tool”

7 Benefits of Digital Signage for Colleges and Universities Education & Digital Signage The world of education is being transformed by digital technology. Hallways, cafeterias, and classrooms are replacing physical bulletin boards and posters with digital signage. Digital signage comes with a host of benefits not afforded by traditional media, such as increased flexibility andContinue reading “7 Benefits of Digital Signage for Colleges and Universities”

What is a digital reader board? Digital technologies and software are driving innovation through communication. The ways of print media are giving way to digital reader boards as the costs of these displays become more affordable. With a reliable digital signage software system, you can create enticing marketing efforts in ways traditional methods simply cannot.Continue reading “How to Set Up a Digital Reader Board Display”

Designing a Digital Notification Board What is a digital notification board? Physical media is slowly losing its place in the spotlight. While still being effective in some instances, the world of marketing is transitioning to a digital future. Even places where traditional media still dominates, such as billboards and menu boards, are being replaced withContinue reading “How to Design a Digital Notifications Board”

REACH awarded fall leadership awards by G2 Users REACH’s stellar customer service receives further recognition REACH has won the “Users Love Us” and “Fall Leader” awards for the second time in a row, in addition to winning the “Best Relationship” award from business software site G2. The recognition highlights REACH’s commitment to maintaining strong relationshipsContinue reading “G2 Users award REACH fall leadership rewards for 2022”

The Benefits of a Digital Announcement Display What are digital announcement displays? Think of all the signs, billboards, and banners you pass on a daily basis. It’s unlikely you remember or even notice a vast majority of the advertising you actually encounter. But what if those signs moved? What if there were animations, transitions, real-timeContinue reading “What are the Benefits of a Digital Announcement Display?”

The Benefits of Connecting SalesForce with Digital Signage Introduction to SalesForce SalesForce is a cloud-based customer relationship management software that allows users to follow and manage leads, sales, and marketing efforts. The goal is to offer users a complete suite of utilities that allows them to best serve clients. Its cloud connectivity also makes itContinue reading “The Benefits of Connecting SalesForce with Digital Signage”

Integrate PowerBI for Digital Signage Dashboard Displays What is PowerBI? PowerBI is a Microsoft-powered, business intelligence platform that allows for the creation and display of data sets, spreadsheets, KPIs, and other infographics. Displaying this type of information is helpful for staff, as it shows strengths and weaknesses in the current workflow that allow for quickContinue reading “How to Use PowerBI for Digital Signage Dashboards”