Content Ideas For March Madness Digital Signage


In just a few weeks, the entire country will be paying attention to one of the most intense and unpredictable sporting events in the country: March Madness! With such a busy and exciting event underway, you can leverage the tournament to gain similar attention with March Madness digital signage content! Changing up your signage from time to time is a great way to get added eyeballs on your screens, or even attract attention you may not have otherwise. While people may initially be drawn to your displays for March Madness content, they will stay to analyze the other information you present. This opens the door to many marketing or communication opportunities, while also giving viewers a reason to return for the next month. As a result, these viewers have a higher chance of assimilating and becoming a permanent part of your target audience! Of course, March Madness content has benefits for internal communication as well. Providing tournament content in office common areas, lobbies, and breakrooms gives employees a reprieve from the day-to-day stress and opens the door for socialization. This can result in a more connected and efficient workplace. In this article, we will go over multiple content suggestions you can utilize in your signage for the next month. Not signed on and looking to try digital signage yourself? Click here to request a free demo or click the button below to begin talking to an expert.



One of the more popular requests we get for March Madness content is being able to stream the games! Our software allows for live TV streaming or streaming through the internet through HLS, RTP/RTSP, YouTube live, and other sources. Once set up, you can connect to your cable provider, streaming service, or other source and begin watching games right within your layouts. Depending on how prominently you want the tournament displayed, this can take the usual spot of your usual playlist/announcement displays, or be tucked away in a smaller portion of your layout. Regardless of how you implement it, there’s a few caveats to be aware of. Live streaming is a more advanced integration, so you must be sure your hardware has the capability to set up these integrations. For example, we recommend BrightSign XT1144 players for live streaming purposes. These are powerful players that can integrate with your cable provider and output full HD streams. Our displays also update in real-time, so if you switch the channel to catch another game, our software will immediately display the change so your viewers never miss a moment!

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Whether you decide to directly stream the games or not, odds are, a good portion of your audience will be unable to catch every game. But that doesn’t mean they need to be left out of the action! Our news application can display the biggest sports highlights in a concise manner. These integrations can display just the news headline, just a photo, or a combination of the two. Our software also comes with dozens of pre-integrated news sources that you can immediately pull from with no added set up. These sources include ESPN, Fox Sports, BBC Sport, and more. Of course, you can also set up your own, custom integrations, allowing you to pull from any news source you like! This keeps your viewers in the action without having to dedicate a large portion of your display to the tournament. As a result, you can maintain your main content while still providing tournament updates. If you want to go even smaller, our RSS Ticker application can display a small ticker for you along the bottom of your layout. These also come with plenty of pre-integrated sources that you can immediately implement. These tickers also have basic CSS editing, allowing you to maintain branding across your entire display.



Calendars are a common and often important aspect of many layout designs. During this season, you can promote upcoming events and company outings while also letting people know which teams are playing at what times. This is a simple yet effective way to improve viewers’ impressions of your signs. By providing this information, you are expressing an interest in what they enjoy and are providing a means for them to prepare for it. This could be especially effective for restaurants and bars, as they can create whole events around certain games to get more people in their seats!


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