Why You Should Implement Digital Signage for Internal Communications

Why You Should Implement Digital Signage for Internal Communications

Internal Signage Solutions

Studies have found that human brains organize up to 70,000 thoughts a day, yet we can process up to 11 million bits of information a second! That is a lot of data to constantly be taking in, which can result in important information being forgotten. When it comes to your office, this can be disastrous for staying on task and meeting deadlines. That is why digital signage helps cut through the clutter and stand out amongst other displays. With proper implementation, digital signage software can bolster your internal communications and improve productivity. Looking to try digital signage out yourself? Click here to get started!

Boost Morale

Digital signage can be a great vehicle for boosting morale around the office. These displays can highlight employee anniversaries, birthdays, and any accomplishments your team achieves on an individual or group basis! These recognitions instill a sense of pride in their work and show their contributions truly matter to the company’s success. As a result, your staff will be motivated to continue performing to a high standard. The end result is a more positive, rewarding work environment.

Improve Productivity

A robust digital signage system can do wonders for productivity around your facility as well. Larger campuses and buildings can be hard to navigate, resulting in staff getting confused or lost. Digital wayfinding tools direct visitors exactly where they need to go by condensing data sets into easy-to-understand graphs. Additionally, production and manufacturing metrics can be displayed to inform workers of approaching deadlines and ensure everyone is set to reach their goals. Certain processes can even be streamlined through digital signage, such as presenting basic training and safety videos as reminders to your team. This can keep everyone’s skills sharp without having to take time out of the day to relearn basic concepts.

Why You Should Implement Digital Signage for Internal Communications

Important Messaging

Some messages are more important or require more urgent attention than others. Often this comes in the form of emergency or safety messaging. With digital signage, you can guarantee your staff sees important safety announcements with emergency takeovers. These announcements will cover your entire screen in whatever emergency messaging you choose. This can range from national weather alerts to more general safety alerts. Regardless, these will override the rest of your content and ensure your staff sees your urgent announcements.

Why You Should Implement Digital Signage for Internal Communications


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