Digital signage is becoming a more prominent communication method across many governments and municipalities. Being able to share visually engaging content in real-time brings communities together and streamlines certain actions for more effective. However, to get the most out of your digital displays, certain practices are recommended to ensure as many eyes reach your screens as possible, and the knowledge you share is retained. This article will briefly share some key strategies, but you can find the full downloadable at the end of this article.


The most important pillars surrounding your digital messaging are clarity and accessibility. People need to be able to access your displays and read/engage with the content you are providing, but then they need to understand the message you’re trying to convey once they get there. Ultimately, you want your message clear, easy-to-read, and easier to understand. With how fast people may walk by your signage, you only have a few key seconds to capture your audience’s attention. Crafting concise, understandable content is a difficult skill that many content creators struggle with, but it is paramount to your signage’s success. Distill the most essential information down to it’s most basic traits and communicate that with bold fonts and contrasting color schemes. This will gain more attention as well as help each element of your design stand out. Of course, that’s where accessibility comes into play. Besides placing your displays in locations where they will be easily spotted, accessibility also involves your font choice, color scheme, interactive feature set, and more. For instance, providing text-to-speech options or high-contrast color schemes for those visually impaired includes a wider population that can enjoy your message. The same can be said with descriptive text or alternative text options for those who may be hearing impaired. Overall, ensuring your signage services all aspects of your community can result in a huge boon to engagement!


In this day and age, viewers expect accurate, up-to-date content at a moments notice. These factors drive day-to-day decisions and can impact behaviors over time. Hence, it is crucial to ensure the information you’re sharing is accurate and relevant at all times. Thankfully, digital signage allows you to update all of your displays in real-time from a central location. That means you can update any display from anywhere so long as you have an internet connection, saving you on printing and transportation costs. This also allows you to ensure viewers always have the most relevant information. This can also extend internal communication, as keeping everyone on the same page will result in a more productive and efficient working environment.


To ensure the right message is being delivered at the right times, you need a reliable infrastructure to hold everything together. Having a secure content-management system ensures your displays stay up and running while also preventing any unauthorized access to your content. With REACH, you can set permissions and security properties for each user and facility, but security goes even a step further than that. The hardware you select can determine how extensive your security options are. For example, we often recommend BrightSign players due to their reliability, affordability, and advanced features. You will have a lot more customization available to you compared to a Fire Stick, allowing you to tailor your experience to your brand’s exact needs!


Now that you’ve seen a brief summary of what’s possible with digital signage, you can now download and read the full guide to Government Digital Signage Best Practices. Of course, you can find more examples from some of our clients by visiting our templates page or read up on more digital signage strategies by browsing our resource page.