Snoopy’s Home Ice Strengthens Its Marketing Through Digital Signage Technology


REACH got its start by employing its software in ice-skating rinks back in 2005. Hence, we jumped at the opportunity to conduct a Case Study with Snoopy’s Home Ice at the Redwood Empire Ice Arena. Based out in Santa Rosa, California, the arena wanted a modern communication method following the changes that occurred in 2020. By adopting new signage technology, Snoopy’s Home Ice has transformed its lobby into an information hub. Staff, participants, and visitors alike can engage with dynamic content and learn important information. Now, the community is more informed on upcoming events and deals, and collaborations with the Charles Schulz Museum has even paved the way for unique, co-marketing opportunities! Looking to start your own digital signage journey? Click here to request a free demo, or click the button below to begin talking to an expert!



Following the 2020 pandemic and a shift in management, Snoopy’s Home Ice decided it was time for a change. Rather than updating a traditional bulletin board, the ice arena wanted to capture more attention by installing a large TV screen in the lobby. Instead displaying a rotating PowerPoint, Snoopy’s Home Ice wanted a solution that would allow them to promote events, advertise classes and clubs, and offer deals to anyone visiting the rink. Once installed, the screen would be featured prominently at the front of the lobby. This would make the display immediately noticeable, capturing attention the second visitors enter. From there, anyone could stop and interact with the signage. But first, content would need to be created! After the screen was installed, it was time to find a solution that would have the capability for more dynamic digital marketing. After some searching, the ice arena eventually partnered with REACH.



Implementing REACH has reformed Snoopy’s Home Ice to promote its business more effectively. Promotional materials take up the center of the screen, notifying visitors on important events, limited-time offers, or group skates and classes! The size of the screen allows for supplementary content to be placed around the layout. For example, two web-based calendar integrations are set up along each side of the promotional material. Visitors can see exact times and dates for the events being promoted, allowing them to plan accordingly. They can even visit Snoopy’s website and filter events they are searching for, giving them direct control over the information they see. Additionally, the rink has integrated QR codes that directly take users to a screen to sign up for events and classes. Visitors can also read up on useful skating tips, or even view a map of the campus to assist with navigation. Digital signage has even opened them up to cross-promotions with the Charles Schulz Museum, located just across the street. As a result, Snoopy’s Home Ice has created a multi-faceted marketing approach that allows them to more effectively serve its community.


Since implementing its digital display, Snoopy’s Home Ice has seen a dramatic increase in event participation. Skaters will stop and stare at the screen for awhile, taking in all the information and making notes of things that interest them. Parents will see an event on-screen and immediately scan the QR code to sign their kids up. Internally, the arena is able to push out updates in real-time, ensuring viewers always have the most accurate information. Some staff even use the screen as a reference point for directing visitors around campus!


“We’re able to display all our artwork and QR codes on a single screen…we’ve seamlessly blended our messaging with our branding!”

Alyssa Saviano, Special Projects Coordinator at Snoopy’s Home Ice


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