The University of Colorado Boulder Streamlines Room Signage Solutions


The University of Colorado Boulder is home to a robust community of more than 37,000 students. With such a large community, the Division of Student Affairs wanted to improve their existing signage with a solution that would allow them to establish stable room signage platforms while also curating multiple content playlists for digital marketing. The flexibility to add more displays to this solution would also be a key component to this solution. To implement stable room scheduling hardware, Student Affairs needed another solution. Through a partnership with REACH and Bluefin, they would be able to implement room scheduling signage where students can view room times, upcoming reservations, and use rooms to collaborate on study sessions. Now, the university employs around 41 player licenses and 53 room scheduling licenses. These room scheduling displays with Bluefin integration has resulted in a streamlined collaborative space solution. The transition to REACH has been a benefit to staff managing the system and supporting content. Have you started your digital signage journey? Click here to request a free demo, or click the button below to begin talking to an expert!



The primary challenge CU Boulder’s Division of Student Affairs was facing with its previous signage solution was stability and customer service. The previous solution was unreliable and inconsistent, with screens going down or not showing proper times/sessions for rooms. Additionally, Student Affairs needed software that would allow them to control their marketing and room displays from a central location. This would allow the IT and Communications & Marketing teams to meet the needs of staff and students. As a result, Student Affairs partnered with REACH to implement a more customizable, enterprise-grade signage solution!

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Since REACH’s implementation, CU Boulder’s Division of Student Affairs has implemented 41 player licenses and 53 Bluefin-enabled room scheduling licenses. Powered by Bluefin, these room scheduling solutions are interactive displays that empower students to check room availability and reserve study sessions. While they are not yet utilizing the touchscreen functionality, the option is there in order to give users direct control of their signage experience. Room scheduling displays make it easy for folks to verify meeting spaces and for students to use available conference rooms for educational activities. Group projects, study sessions, and meetings all thrive in these rooms, where digital signage empowers learning and collaboration. Digital marketing signs in the residence halls provide an abundance of information where students live, study, and learn information through signage. REACH’s advanced software allows the marketing team to schedule content well in advance, ensuring students are always up-to-date on important school events and information. CU Boulder is also able to leverage and implement dynamic content to capture attention on a greater scale. 

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An immediate result of CU Boulder’s improved room signage network has been the increased stability of its room signage. This has also resulted in a decrease of support tickets reporting issues with the displays and less staff time resetting/supporting the signs. The school will soon be integrating its own emergency alert system with REACH, ensuring the student’s safety should an emergency arise. Additionally, the implementation of Bluefin room displays has streamlined room scheduling for conferences and study rooms. As the school continues to expand its digital signage program, we hope they continue strengthening relationships with Bluefin and REACH as well!

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