Top 5 Digital Signage Apps For The Holiday 2023 Season


These days, it seems like apps make the world go round! In the case of digital signage, nothing rings more true! With digital signage apps for business, you can add utility and certain elements that would not be possible through traditional bulletin boards. These apps add supplemental material for your audience to engage with without getting in the way of your usual announcements! Additionally, third-party apps and integrations can also be implemented with REACH’s software. This expands your options and allows for a greater degree of customization. As a result, your signage branding can match the branding of the rest of your organization. App settings can be shared between facilities as well, ensuring your audience receives a consistent experience regardless of location. As with all digital signage apps and integrations, these settings update in real-time, allowing you to send your audience the most up-to-date information. So long as you have an internet connection, you can make edits to any of your applications! A flexible signage solution requires flexible tools, and that’s why these are the 5 most used digital signage apps for you to use during the 2023 holiday season!

As the holidays roll in, you’ll likely want to add some thematic flair to your displays. Even if you do not plan on acknowledging any holidays through your business, you’ll likely experience some changes in the form of promotions, sales, updated deadlines, and other occurrences. Regardless of what you are promoting, playlists are easily the most used app within our software. Interacting directly with your players, playlists are great ways of organizing specific content for display. Creating a seasonal playlist of content for your layout designs is a great way to get more eyes to your screen, as fresh aesthetics will draw in new attention. With REACH’s robust software, you can set up playlists to automatically start and stop after the holidays as well, allowing them to be used for future seasons without the need for deletion. Videos, gifs, and other promotional material can be added as well, allowing for a dynamic library of content to play. Jump in now and start trying them out!

There’s no doubt that things tend to get a little hectic around the holidays. That’s why digital signage is here to help alleviate the typical confusion. Calendar apps and integrations keep the team on task and prepared for important deadlines. These calendars are highly customizable, with different options that control how calendars appear in each display. For example, vertical scroll displays can attract greater attention with dynamic movement. Of course, as stated previously, all calendars can be edited to match your branding guidelines as well. From vertical scrolling options to more static formats and CSS editing, you can tailor a calendar for any scenario. In fact, our calendar app can integrate with third-party software such as Google Calendar, SharePoint, OneDrive, and more! Therefore, if you have some prebuilt calendars already, you can integrate them directly into REACH’s system and use them on your displays. Digital displays tend to draw more attention than traditional media, so implementing a calendar within your layouts has a much greater chance of gaining attention. Calendar sections usually take up less space than playlists as well, so you can still include other promotional material.

Data list use cases can be a bit more niche than the previous apps, but it is in no way less useful. Many restaurants, food courts, and pop-ups will be updating their signage this time of year for seasonal menu items or limited-time deals. Even if the menu items are not changing, introducing a holiday aesthetic into your digital board can help freshen things up and draw in holiday enthusiasts. Of course, new menu items are a natural way of drawing in people looking to try something new, and are popular during holiday seasons. However, food handlers won’t be the only ones busy this time of year. Manufacturing, production, and sales teams will all be working hard to make sure the abundance of gifts are delivered! That’s why using digital signage to keep track of production, manufacturing, and sales metrics can be especially useful during this time of year. Easily accessing KPI’s and other metrics allows teams to quickly adapt strategy and focus on meeting important deadlines. Our creative team can build stunning data sets that maintain your branding guidelines.

Everyone wants to share the fun of the holidays on social media! Integrating your social media channels with your screens can expand your digital footprint. Doing so can help you stay ahead of digital trends. Once integrated, you can share posts from all major social media outlets, and even include hashtags and photos. To ensure brand consistency, REACH’s digital signage software gives you complete control over your social channels and allows you to appoint staff to approve posts before they show up on your timeline. You can even dictate what kind of hashtags appear on your timeline and what is allowed to be posted. This means you can utilize the strengths of social media without risking inappropriate interactions. Social media can also boost morale around the office, as platforms like Slack can show off fun travel adventures from staff throughout the season. Whatever reason you’re using social media for, ultimately, social media humanizes your brand and helps people relate to it more. Introducing some holiday cheer through your socials is a natural way to participate in the season.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful this time of year! With seasons changing, weather can affect travel plans. Even those using public transport may need to account for delays and cancellations. With this in mind, our premium radar app can help transport staff and customers alike! Being able to provide a reliable source of information is a strong incentive for audiences to revisit your signage each day. Not only that, but it can help establish your brand as a reliable solution to daily problems, which instills trust within your audience. More importantly, it demonstrates a vested interest in the well-being of your staff and customers alike. This will result in more loyal staff and more satisfied customers. Reach out today to hear more about our premium app packages!


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