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Leveraging User-Generated Content A great way to maintain a loyal consumer base while also drawing in a new audience is through the effective use of user-generated content. User-generated content is great because of its sheer abundance and low cost. However, simply displaying user content on your digital signage will not spark excitement amongst your viewersContinue reading “The Value of User-Generated Content in Digital Signage”

REACH Implements PerfectMind Integration & Playlist Grouping REACH’s content-management system will now offer integration with PerfectMind in the calendar application and the ability to group playlist items together. To pull calendars from your PerfectMind account, you need: With the new grouping option for playlist items, you will be able to create and rename groups, editContinue reading “REACH Introduces Playlist Grouping & New Integration”

Greater Functionality Coming to the Sports Scores Application REACH is introducing new functionality to the Sports Scores application that allows users to modify the range of sports information in a more precise manner. Below you will see the new design of the application’s settings. From here, you can display scores from every team in aContinue reading “Expanded Features Added to Sports Scores Application”

Top Features Added to REACH in 2021 A yearly rundown of the best things added to REACH over the past year. Media Library Drag & drop content to quickly fill out your library. Tag items to improve your organization. Download assets to your computer and use them elsewhere. Expand your content with OneDrive and CanvaContinue reading “REACH 2021 Digital Signage Top Features”

Honoring Diwali Through Digital Signage Later this week, the sky will be flooded with light as people from all over the world celebrate Diwali. Over 5 days, Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains will celebrate the triumph of good over evil through a host of traditions and festivities. Being respectful of this sacred holiday by creating mindfulContinue reading “Celebrate Diwali With These Digital Signage Content Ideas”

National Weather Alert Integration The National Weather Alert can be a useful tool for both clients and staff. REACH’s cloud-based digital signage software seamlessly integrates with national weather alerts and will ensure the safety of those using your facility. This article will walk you through the process of implementing this feature step-by-step, so feel freeContinue reading “Integrate National Weather Alerts With Digital Signage”

ActiveNet Configuration Create the calendar(s) you wish to display within the REACH Calendar application. If you plan to display multiple calendars, each calendar will need an integration. Within the Calendar application, click “Create Integration.” Give the integration a name (i.e:ActiveNet). Under Transport, select “Vendor Integration,” then choose “ACTIVENet” from the dropdown of vendors. ActiveNet’s supportContinue reading “Implement ActiveNet With Your Digital Signage”

An Introduction to SSO Companies choosing cloud-based enterprise solutions are increasing at an exponential rate. This has resulted in the widespread use of identity and access management tools by enterprises. The need for simplified password management with single sign-on (SSO) solutions has expanded as well. What Is SSO? Single Sign-On (SSO) is a group ofContinue reading “Implement Single Sign-On Through Digital Signage”

Since 2016, Buffalo Wild Wings, Supercuts and REACH have partnered together to create a digital signage experience for customers to learn more about the Supercuts MLB sponsorship. Buffalo Wild Wings is the premier destination for sports fans wanting to relax and enjoy their favorite team, which is the ideal customer that Supercuts is looking toContinue reading “Buffalo Wild Wings, Supercuts, MLB and Digital Signage – The Perfect Combo”

In an effort to continuously update its software offerings, REACH Media Network has recently expanded its digital signage integrations thanks to seamless PowerBI digital signage integration. PowerBI is Microsoft’s business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your entire organization by embedding them in interactive elements of an app orContinue reading “REACH Expands Capabilities with Seamless PowerBI Digital Signage Integration”