Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Digital Signage Software

5 reasons why you need digital signage software

Why You Need Digital Signage

Digital signage is an emerging communication method that allows advertisers greater creative freedom. Its flexibility makes it a perfect fit for any business across multiple industries. However, when dealing with digital signage, keep in mind that you are dealing with the hardware, software, and content that goes into a digital communication campaign. The best digital signage software will work with you to tailor your experience to your branding needs. From app integration to video signage, anything can be achieved through proper implementation and guidance.

Not convinced? This article will give a complete overview of how digital signage software can benefit your business. Additionally, check out our blogs and resources page for more useful tips and strategies.

Digital Signage: The Pros & Cons

When deciding to employ digital signage in your communication strategy, it is important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of doing so. This allows for ample planning so you can maximize the strengths of digital signage while avoiding some of the negatives.

The most obvious advantage of digital signage is how eye-catching screens are compared to traditional media. Screens are brighter and contain more dynamic elements that are more likely to draw attention. They also have a higher retention rate, meaning people actually remember what they see on digital displays.

These screens actually provide more creative freedom as well. Digital signage allows you to utilize powerful tools that supplement your standard content. Calendars, weather, and news can all be added as features to your announcements.

Once you begin building your content out, managing it becomes a breeze with cloud-based management software. Transferring assets, updating layouts, and creating user groups are all useful tools that streamline your workflow. Without the power of the cloud, all files would have to be stored locally, which is inefficient and takes up valuable space.

Of course, some of the cons of digital signage include higher installation costs and a degree of technical expertise. Investing in a TV screen, service provider, and a player are big costs that can seem daunting to first-time users. Additionally, while software providers design their tools with users in mind, it still requires more technical know-how than designing an ad on paper. However, a digital sign can actually yield a higher return on investment, which we will dive into soon.

The 5 Reasons to Invest in Digital Signage

#1. More Creative Freedom

As stated previously, digital signage simply offers more creative freedom than traditional methods. Graphics can transition into full-screen videos, adding a dynamic element to your signage. Hundreds of apps and integrations allow you to tailor your displays to directly appeal to your audience. Finally, new ways of interacting with your audience, such as QR scanners, are fresh and exciting to most viewers. Harnessing these tools will put your advertising a cut above the rest.

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#2. Easier Asset Management

Remember what we said about cloud-based management? We were not kidding. Cloud-based management software backs up all your assets so that they can be accessed anywhere from any device. In addition, displays can be updated in real-time from any location so long as there is an internet connection. Using the power of the cloud helps users work more efficiently and with less worry.

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#3. Apps & Integrations Add Flair

Digital signage utilizes apps and integrations that add functionality to your displays. Weather apps, live traffic, social media, all these apps add content while still occupying the same screen. This means you can include more information on a digital screen than you can through other methods. Furthermore, apps and integration give more reasons for your audience to revisit your screens for fresh content!

#4. Greater Flexibility

All the tools, apps, and integrations discussed so far all add to a more flexible communication method. Digital signage can adapt to fit the needs of any business, and when working with a software provider, your branding guidelines can be applied to your signage. The result is a more cohesive digital communication strategy. Not only that, but setting up stream schedules allows you to determine exactly what is playing on your screens at any given time!

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#5. It’s Ready Anytime!

There is never a bad time to jump into the world of digital signage! With new features being added every day, the realm of digital displays only continues to grow and improve. To find more useful tips and helpful information, check out our blogs and resources page. If you want to start your digital signage journey today, click the button below to request your free demo!