Digital Signage Software: What It Is & How It Works

An Introduction to Digital Signage

What is digital signage? What does digital signage do? These are questions businesses find themselves asking more and more often as the prevalence of digital signage continues to grow. The flexibility and creative freedom of digital signage is an enticing avenue of communication for many advertisers. However, without understanding the meaning of digital signage, making adequate use of its strengths becomes much harder.

With that said, it is important to understand digital signage is not just limited to screens. Digital signage includes the hardware, content, and software that works together to deliver digital communication campaigns to an audience. Understanding the importance of each of these factors working in tandem will give you a head start to making great digital ads.

To get started in the realm of digital signage, you’re going to need a few things. Investing in a LED, LCD, or OLED screen is necessary to display your content. Nicer screens will obviously make the colors of your content pop more, but any screen with an HDMI port would suffice. Next, you will need hardware that will be able to run your content through your screen. Finally, a digital signage software provider will provide the tools to design your digital ads. Once you have these properly set up, you are ready to begin your digital signage journey!

Digital Signage Software: What It Is & How It Works,

What are the Best Signage Software Solutions in the Market?

The best digital signage programs provide a wide variety of apps and integrations that allow users to tailor the experience to their needs. Apps and integrations are additional tools and functions that provide additional utility or information in your signage. This can include live weather updates, traffic routes, or calendar options. Additionally, the best digital signage programs offer cloud-based management. Using the cloud allows clients to exchange assets across locations and manage layouts anywhere at any time. It also ensures all your content will be saved if you ever have a hardware failure!

Digital Signage Software: What It Is & How It Works,

How Digital Signage Can Boost Brand Awareness

Digital signage can do wonders for your brand when utilizing its unique strengths. Because of its digital nature, digital signage software offers unprecedented advertising abilities that will strengthen the relationship with your audience. For instance, QR codes can get viewers interacting with your brand in new and exciting ways while still promoting sales, deals, and events. Interactive kiosks give visitors direct control over their experience and work exceptionally well with wayfinding apps.

These additional apps do not have to occupy an entire screen, and can serve to simply supplement your normal content. Ultimately, how to use digital signage is going to come down to the client. But with that in mind, there are a variety of innovations digital signage provides that make it a perfect tool for any business.

How to Choose the Right Solution for Your Needs

The amount of digital signage software providers out there can make it daunting to pick a solution right for you. When browsing your options, it may be useful to reach out to the providers you are most interested in to get an idea of their work process. Browsing their website should also show you what apps, integrations, and training they provide. Websites with resource centers or blog posts (like this one) will often contain useful tips that can increase your confidence with their signage options.

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