A Complete Introduction To Digital Signage

What Is Digital Signage?

Regardless of your experience working with digital signage, you have likely already seen examples of it in your everyday lives. If you have seen a digital billboard on the side of the road, then you have experienced digital signage! But understanding the significance of digital signage is more complex.

Technology that exhibits content such as LCDs, LEDs, or any other hardware that can display a digital image can be described as digital signage. However, it goes much deeper than that. In reality, digital signage encapsulates the hardware, content, and software that works in tandem to deliver digital communication campaigns. A digital sign does not have to be an actual sign either!

For instance, take a look at the image to the right. Many restaurants and foodservice companies are creating interactive digital kiosks that customers can order from. This cuts down wait times while also giving customers more freedom. Additionally, promotional items and limited-time deals can be advertised on these screens with greater efficiency than traditional media. As you can see, the definition of digital signage adapts based on how it is employed and the content being offered. As digital signage continues to grow, more creative uses will continue to pop up.

Unlock the Secrets of Digital Signage for Business Growth

It is important not to overlook the software running your signage either. Digital signage software allows you to create ads, manage digital designs, and update announcements. This is how you will create and upload the actual content on your displays. Having a reliable software provider is essential for you and your audience. Software that crashes, lacks crucial features, or is awkward to use will limit the scope of your signage potential.

The Benefits of Going Digital

Digital signage comes with a host of benefits over traditional media as well. One of the most obvious is how dynamic your content can be. Static images can receive additional flair through eye-catching animations and stunning visual effects. Video formats such as live TV can also be leveraged to create a unique mix of media as well. This diversifies your content and gives viewers more reasons to engage with your displays. In addition, digital signage has been found to have a higher recall rate compared to traditional advertising.

Digital signage is also easy to manage. Many software providers operate on a cloud-based management system. This grants a massive advantage to digital signage over other communication methods. Users can update their signs and manage assets wherever they are. As long as everything is online, this means a business in New York can operate signs out in California! It can also help streamline internal communication, as meetings can be live-streamed to multiple facilities at once. With the power of cloud-based management, you can increase the range of your communication and broaden your influence.

Unlock the Secrets of Digital Signage for Business Growth

But of course, there is always the question of cost. Thankfully, the cost of digital signage implementation is becoming more affordable as demand continues to rise. Despite installation and hardware costs, you will save on printing, distribution, and other fees that come associated with traditional media while still increasing the reach of your message. Leveraging user-generated content is also a great and affordable way to flesh out your media library. With more tools at your disposal, digital signage provides better value than other mediums.

Get Started

It can be overwhelming when first getting started with digital signage. Questions on where to put your signage, what content to upload, and who to target are all valid concerns. In general, places with high foot traffic that your audience frequents are good places to have signs up. In terms of what to upload and who to target, that is going to vary from business to business. However, there are some general design rules we recommend being familiar with. Keeping your designs uncluttered, with bold headlines and effective video are all good tips to keep in mind. As you experiment with different strategies, you will become more comfortable with how to build content your audience responds to.

If you find you could still use some guidance, we recommend checking out our resources page for useful blogs & case studies. REACH is committed to the success of our clients, so feel free to click the button below for a free demo and information on how digital signage can help your business!

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