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Why Digital Signage Can Help Your School Campus Digital Signage for Education Many schools are looking for new ways to communicate with their students and community. More and more hallways are replacing their traditional bulletin boards with digital displays, as they allow for more flexibility and customization than physical media. However, digital signage software canContinue reading “Why Should I Use Digital Signage for my School Campus?”

Designing a Digital Notification Board What is a digital notification board? Physical media is slowly losing its place in the spotlight. While still being effective in some instances, the world of marketing is transitioning to a digital future. Even places where traditional media still dominates, such as billboards and menu boards, are being replaced withContinue reading “How to Design a Digital Notifications Board”

The Benefits of Connecting SalesForce with Digital Signage Introduction to SalesForce SalesForce is a cloud-based customer relationship management software that allows users to follow and manage leads, sales, and marketing efforts. The goal is to offer users a complete suite of utilities that allows them to best serve clients. Its cloud connectivity also makes itContinue reading “The Benefits of Connecting SalesForce with Digital Signage”

How Tableau can Display KPI and Production Metrics Through Digital Signage What is Tableau? Tableau is a data visualization tool that helps companies see important metrics such as KPIs and production efficiency. Tableau not only visualizes information, but analyzes it to provide insightful business forecasts and AI-driven predictions. The result is an online database toolContinue reading “How Tableau can Display KPI and Production Metrics Through Digital Signage”

Integrate Google Calendar with Digital Signage for Real-Time Scheduling Google Calendar & Digital Signage Google Calendar is an online event management and scheduling software that is powered through cloud integration. By connecting your google account, you can access your Google Calendar from any device with an internet connection. This makes Google Calendar a perfect integrationContinue reading “Schedule Events in Real-Time with Google Calendar”

How to Integrate SharePoint with Digital Signage to Automate Content Delivery to Your Screens What is SharePoint? If you work with other Microsoft 365 apps, you may be familiar with the name SharePoint. SharePoint is a collaboration system that allows companies to build websites where teams can collaborate. Data lists, calendars, and other documents canContinue reading “How to Integrate SharePoint for Content Delivery”

Integrate PowerBI for Digital Signage Dashboard Displays What is PowerBI? PowerBI is a Microsoft-powered, business intelligence platform that allows for the creation and display of data sets, spreadsheets, KPIs, and other infographics. Displaying this type of information is helpful for staff, as it shows strengths and weaknesses in the current workflow that allow for quickContinue reading “How to Use PowerBI for Digital Signage Dashboards”

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Signage Communications How Can Digital Signage Apply to Corporate Communications? Evolving technologies are opening pathways to more robust corporate communication options. Digital signage solutions have grown increasingly popular for employee communications, event planning/scheduling, and user management. This is because powerful applications and integrations have made it easier for corporations toContinue reading “The Ultimate Guide to Digital Signage Communications”

Digital Signage Can Boost Your Efficiency Getting Into Digital Signage Technological evolutions are forcing companies to reconsider their digital advertising strategies. An increasingly popular form of digital advertising is digital signage. Depending on your organization, you may currently be wondering “What is digital signage?” Unfortunately, there is no rigid definition of what constitutes digital signage.Continue reading “How Digital Signage Software Boosts Business Efficiency”

Why You Need Digital Signage Digital signage is an emerging communication method that allows advertisers greater creative freedom. Its flexibility makes it a perfect fit for any business across multiple industries. However, when dealing with digital signage, keep in mind that you are dealing with the hardware, software, and content that goes into a digitalContinue reading “Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Digital Signage Software”