How to Design a Digital Notifications Board

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Designing a Digital Notification Board

What is a digital notification board?

Important messages, announcements, and notifications can be displayed in real-time on a digital notification board that can be used to display these types of information. They are a frequent fixture in these settings to disseminate information to employees, customers, and visitors in public places like schools, universities, hospitals, and corporate offices.

Digital notification boards usually comprise one or more large screens that display text that can scroll or remain still, as well as images and video content. They are made to be readily readable from a distance and can be customized to match the branding and design of the location in which they are displayed.

Notification boards that are digital can display a wide variety of information, including employee recognition, news updates, meeting schedules, and warnings about potential emergencies. In addition, because they can be updated in real-time, they are an efficient instrument for disseminating public safety messages and emergency warnings.

Through this medium, you can save on printing costs and get some time back by pushing out fresh content from the comfort of your office. As long as you have an internet connection, you can communicate with your audience anywhere. Looking to try digital signage out yourself? Click here to sign up today!

How to set up a digital notification board

Setting up a digital notification board is extremely easy on your part. There are really only 3 essential things you need to get started:

From there, you should be able to let your digital signage provider take over the rest! The technical background and know-how will all be set up and pre-installed for you by a team of professionals. With a service like REACH, we not only will handle the installation, but you can even use your own hardware! However, we recommend using BrightSign players for the best, most reliable results.

Designing your digital notification board

There are many different types of digital notification boards. Some companies choose to have each announcement take up the full screen, so it represents something more of a live slideshow. Others build out designs that host a variety of content. Regardless of what you want to do, there are some guidelines to keep in mind.

For instance, most audiences in the U.S. read signs from top left to bottom right. Organizing your content in a way that naturally draws the eyes through this motion can go a long way to keeping viewers engaged. Announcements should take up the bulk of your material with supplemental content like calendars, events, weather, etc., should fill the space between.

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Additional Benefits of Digital Notification Digital Signage Boards

Traditional paper-based notice boards have a few disadvantages that digital notification boards do not have, including the following:

Enhanced visibility: Digital notification boards can display messages, announcements, and changes in high-traffic areas, where they are more likely to be seen by a more significant number of people. This allows for increased visibility of important information. They can also be personalized to display various information, such as headlines from the latest news stories, updated weather information, and feeds from different social media platforms.

Real-time updates: Organizations can more rapidly communicate changes and updates to their employees, customers, or visitors using digital notification boards because they can be updated in real-time. This is especially helpful in times of crisis or sudden adjustments to plans or activities that have already begun.

Traditional paper-based notice boards may require an initial investment in hardware and software; however, digital notification boards may be more cost-effective than paper-based ones. In addition, using digital boards eliminates the need for printing and posting paper notifications, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Some digital notification boards have an interactive feature that enables viewers to communicate with the displayed information by touching or clicking on the display screen. This can be especially helpful in retail or hospitality settings, where customers may want to obtain additional information about a product or service they are interested in purchasing.

Important information can be conveyed to a large audience in a manner that is more productive, less wasteful of resources, and friendlier to the natural environment through digital notification displays.


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