Snohomish County Utility District Deploys Employee Digital Signage

employee digital signage

Snohomish County PUD finds internal success through digital signage


Snohomish County Public Utility Department prides itself on providing power and water to its community in an environmentally sustainable manner. Due to the complexity of their service, it is important that everyone in their team is on the same page in order to serve the community. However, physical announcement boards and posters would lead to outdated information and time-consuming update processes. Eventually, the COVID-19 pandemic would encourage Snohomish County to look for other communication methods. That’s when they found REACH. Looking to try digital signage out yourself? Click here to sign up today!

The Challenge

Before utilizing digital signage software, Snohomish County PUD was sending out weekly physical newsletters, while its digital communication consisted of daily news emails. However, they were seeing low open rates between emails, and despite physical newsletters, there would still be confusion around the office. Snohomish County PUD needed a communication system that users would be inclined to actually read and interact with. Not only that, but cutting down on printing costs and saving time from having to physically update materials would be a massive boost. After an impressive demo, the team was ready to move forward with digital signage software.

county facility digital signage

The Solution

Since implementing digital displays, Snohomish County PUD has been able to be more flexible with its messaging. Employing both internal as well as welcoming signage, Snohomish County has diversified its content in order to reach multiple audiences at once. This allows the team to be more creative with its content and appeal to audiences with greater variety. Dynamic elements and constantly evolving content rotations keep viewers coming back for more. With REACH’s cloud-based management software, they are able to edit all of their messaging from one central location, saving time and money. With this flexibility combined with the hurdles of the pandemic, Snohomish County has gone almost fully digital.

public county government digital signage

The Results

Since employing digital signage, Snohomish County PUD has gone almost entirely digital with its internal communication. The company is enjoying open rates of 80% and is noticing information retention to much higher degrees. They have expanded their signage to about 4 screens, 2 of which are BrightSign players and one of which resides in the lobby of their building. Snohomish County plans to expand its digital signage initiative to eventually allow each team complete control of their signage.


“When we were getting our system set up and the template was built…it was perfect.”

Wendy Parris, Senior Communications Designer at Snohomish County PUD.


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