How To Keep Up With March Madness Through Digital Signage!

March Madness Is Here!

This Thursday, the nation will fall into madness…March Madness! Brackets are being created and teams are preparing to take the court as people across the nation get ready to see some of the best basketball schools in the country battle for the championship. As one of the largest sporting events in the country, many people will not want to miss even a single moment of each game. With digital signage, you can make this a reality for your viewers with REACH’s extensive app and integration library!

Never Miss A Moment With News Headlines

Sometimes you need to know the story behind a big bucket to really appreciate the insanity of March Madness. News headlines and sports highlights give your viewers additional context surrounding their favorite teams. With options to display just text, images, or a mixture of both, you can ensure viewers are informed on important play calls and historic moments. These can even run alongside sports scores to provide readers with a holistic view of the game!

Get Live Updates With An ESPN Ticker

Sometimes you may have a layout that you cannot afford to give up too much prominent space on. Not to worry. With the REACH ticker app, you can get the most recent updates and highlights on the game in a succinct package! The ticker is a small strip of text that can be placed horizontally in any layout, ensuring you can add extra news content without getting in the way of your other announcements. Prebuilt RSS feed integrations allow you to immediately pull content from sites such as ESPN and Fox Sports, but custom feeds can also be implemented! Contact us today to scope out the possibility of this project!


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