How Churches Use Digital Signage

How-Churches-Use-Digital-SignageIs your church looking for additional ways to modernize the worship experience? If so, you may have entertained the idea of adding digital signage to your facility. At REACH Media Network, we’ve worked with countless churches across the country to help better communicate with congregation members. Read on to learn ways that your church can benefit from turning to digital signage for improved communications.

Ways That Churches Can Use Digital Signage

There are a whole host of ways that churches can use digital signage in all areas of their facility. Below are just a few ways your church can modernize the entire worship experience and in certain cases actually save money at the same time:

  • Greet New Visitors – Coming to a new church for the first time can be quite intimidating. What if you had a digital sign located at each entrance that directed visitors to an area to connect with someone from your staff? This way each visitor would instantly feel welcome and have a way to connect with your church community.
  • Connect with Younger Generations – Younger adults and teens are constantly accessing information from touchscreens and other digital devices. Using these same devices can be an effective way to grab the attention of the younger population who may be interested in what your church has to offer, but require a completely different method of communication.
  • Cut Down on Paper Usage – Is your church printing out hundreds of bulletins each week? These printing costs can really add up over the course of an entire year. With digital signage you can list out service details and get rid of the need to print out bulletins each week.
  • Display Upcoming EventsUse digital signage to keep your congregation members informed about upcoming events with an easy to use web calendar. This way you’ll constantly be reminding your members about important events within the church.
  • Cloud Based Control – One of the major benefits of digital signage from REACH Media Network is the ability to control all of your digital signage devices from the cloud. This way your multimedia staff can quickly and easily update content from anywhere provided they have access to an internet connection.

Ready to Learn More About Digital Signage for Your Church?

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