Digital signage in corporate offices become a natural fit for those who successfully integrate these displays into their marketing strategy. Offering more benefits and flexibility than traditional bulletin boards, corporate digital signage solutions can increase revenue, improve viewer engagement, and improve workplace productivity. Before signing on with a digital signage software provider, there are a few things you will need to prepare in order to ensure success with your solution. First, you will need to have the proper hardware for media streaming. Depending on the scope of your project, these requirements will vary, and we will go more in-depth on these options later in the article. After finding a suitable media player for your project, you will have to find a compatible software provider. Thankfully, you’re already in the right place. REACH’s software is “hardware agnostic,” meaning it is compatible with any media player (even Amazon Fire Sticks!) you may already have laying around. Of course, we are also a hardware reseller for BrightSign, as well as provide our own, enterprise-grade DS3 player at an affordable cost. Once you have these two requirements locked down, it’s time to start creating content!

Regardless of how you plan to use your signage, REACH’s flexible software has the capability to exceed your needs! Third-party integrations seamlessly synchronize with our system, allowing you to utilize third-party software such as calendar or data list integrations. Each app and widget is fully customizable, allowing you to maintain branding guidelines across each display. If you’d like, you can also utilize REACH’s free custom design services to create professionally-designed layouts for use on any screen. This goes hand-in-hand with the 24/7 support you also receive as part of the REACH family. No matter your concern, REACH will be there to work out a unique solution for your organization. If you have not yet started your digital signage journey, visit our resource page for more information. Or, you can click the button below to begin talking to a professional!

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One of the most common use cases we see across all our corporate clients involves using digital signage to improve internal communications. Employees are the backbone of any corporate structure, so it’s important for companies to establish clear lines of communication to get everyone on the same page. With proper signage implementation, you can guarantee important announcements and events are seen by your team! 

For example, digital signage receives 400% more views than static displays. Your business can leverage this info to get more people informed on important announcements, and reduce the amount of ignored emails. The Media Library will be your hub for content creation. Here, you can create content directly within the REACH content-management system. Our media library is powered by cloud-technology, meaning your assets are always backed up and available so long as you have an internet connection. These assets can be shared with other facilities as well, allowing you to maintain consistency across every location. Furthermore, Canva integration allows you to pull assets from your Canva account, and you can also upload content directly from your computer. This can even include dynamic video files!

Utilizing digital signage to bolster internal communications comes with a host of benefits. For example, using some of our templates can help you highlight outstanding employees or give recognition to workplace anniversaries. This helps employees feel appreciated and dedicated to the cause of your business, motivating them to work harder. This can have a trickle effect to your other employees, as they will be driven to meet the same standard set by outstanding performers, and thus, increase the overall efficiency of your workplace. Break rooms are also common meeting places for staff, and providing relief from the usual work day with live TV or news options can help them feel energized for the rest of the day.

Moreover, the increased attention digital signage receives makes it a perfect place to advertise upcoming events, important deadlines, or other useful announcements. As a result, overall employee engagement for workplace events/projects can increase as well. Many employers choose to integrate things like PowerBI or KPI graphs, allowing staff to directly see the impacts of their work. This can help them adapt new strategies in order to meet goals outlined by your business. 


As stated above, choosing the right hardware for your product is a great way to ensure long-term signage success. The right hardware provides a reliable connection and powerful features that allows you to display your content as intended without having to worry about dropped connections or blank screens. For many of our client’s projects, we will recommend a BrightSign model. As a Premier partner with their Bright Alliance program, REACH has a long-standing partnership with BrightSign and is familiar with the ins-and-outs of their hardware. They are some of the most reliable and powerful media players on the market, and each model can help clients achieve their goals through scalable projects. Some BrightSign players even come with special features, such as the BrightSign XT5 being able to output dual 4k video decoding to drive to screens at once! Of course, REACH also offers our own DS3 Azulle-based media player! This player comes packed with all the enterprise-grade solutions and integrations you could need from a signage project at an affordable price. These players come pre-installed with REACH’s software with all your players and other applications fully set up. It is the easiest plug-and-play solution on offer, and comes highly recommended to those just getting started. Of course, based on your project goals, your install coordinator will work with you to find a solution that fits for you! To browse more options, click here to view our media player rundown.


Whether using corporate displays for internal messaging or placing it in areas that are more client-facing, the location of your displays is an often overlooked but critically important aspect of your signage strategy. Based on your target audience, you will want to place your displays in areas that experience the highest amount of traffic for your viewers. Hallways are great placement locations for quick announcements and calendar promotions, as viewers can quickly skim by and see what’s going on within your business. Conference and meeting room solutions make great spaces for KPI’s and other previously mentioned corporate metrics. This can even serve as a great talking point for when these meeting rooms are in use. Lobby room signage is often filled with welcoming messages and mission statements that give visitors an idea of what your company provides. These are just a few of the many use cases our corporate clients have employed that involved strategic placement. For more examples, please view our other industry templates.


Many facilities will begin changing their signage approach over the course of this year. With that in mind, we HIGHLY recommend reaching out to your account manager now if you want free spring content, interactive integrations, or other signage implementations. While the process itself should not take too long, we do like having time to test the connection and ensure stable connectivity. Additionally, if any issues arise in that time, our support team can quickly sort them out. For more information, click the button below!