Eden Prairie, MN — REACH, an industry leader in digital signage solutions, is excited to join BrightSign as a Premier partner through their Bright Alliance program. This will allow both companies to expand their digital initiatives and while also highlighting a commitment to provide clients with the best in signage technology.

Rewarded for its ease-of-use content-management system and best-in-business support, REACH has positioned clients for success in their digital communication efforts for over 15 years. In that time, REACH partnered with BrightSign as a reseller of its media players. This gives users a reliable hardware solution that can stream content to multiple displays at once through cloud-enabled signage. REACH and BrightSign share a mutual interest in providing its users with reliable products and services. This partnership will benefit both parties as they can share the wealth of knowledge and technology accumulated over the years. As a result, clients will benefit as well.

Being a Bright Alliance Premier partner signifies not only a history of superb service but a mutual understanding of how to move forward in the industry. Through continued partnership, REACH and BrightSign promise a future of flexible signage solutions and affordable hardware.

“We believe in the Bright Alliance program, and are excited to explore the possibilities this partnership will allow,” said Kiersten Gibson, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing at REACH, and Digital Signage Foundation Board member. “Working with BrightSign for the past years has presented many exciting opportunities, and we’re ready to explore those on a deeper level.”

As the Bright Alliance program progresses, both companies will continue to explore innovative signage technologies that will further ensure the success of their respective clients’ software. This renewed collaboration as a Premier partner furthers both companies’ lifelong dedication to excellence.

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“One of the many reasons we love working with REACH is the fact that it doesn’t matter the size of the deployment, whether it’s large or small,” said BrightSign Senior Partner Account Executive Matt Dubois. “REACH sees it all the way through to the end. Through great support and great training, we are able to provide a really great experience for our end customer!”


Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, REACH Media Network is a leading provider in digital signage software and solutions. Our team’s passion for customer success and evolving technology has driven REACH’s employees for the past 15+ years. We strive to create long-term partnerships with each client and provide the best digital signage software to meet their needs every day, week, month, and year.
Founded in 2005 as Reach Sports Marketing Group by Darren Wercinski and Marc Kline, our story started in the ice arena space right here in Minnesota — “you betcha!” With the rapidly growing need for our digital signage services, REACH has exponentially expanded into several industries ranging from corporate offices to manufacturing plants to universities. Today, we operate over 30,000 digital signage displays worldwide with our growing 5,000+ clients.


Founded in the early 2000s, BrightSign has empowered businesses to attract, engage, and captivate their audiences in dynamic, impactful ways through digital signage. Founding CEO, Jeff Hastings, was among the earliest advocates for embracing cutting-edge content technologies, understanding its potential when combined with interactive controls to create immersive experiences.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, BrightSign’s presence spans the globe, with an extensive partner network of over 5,000 authorized resellers and integrators worldwide. In collaboration with partners across more than 130 countries, BrightSign continuously innovates to enhance customer experiences, increase productivity and safety, reduce costs, and generate client revenue.