Provide an interactive experience for your audience with our interactive touchscreen software. Features such as scheduling information, way-finding capabilities, digital directories, and facility information are accessible right at your users’ fingertips. Our interactive digital signage software platform recognizes the need for real-time management and gives the interactive experience your audience expects.


Customized Interactive Design
Light-Box Effect Available
Trophy Case & Hall of Fame Options
Interactive Way-Finding Options
Multiple Content Apps
Directly Email Information
High-Resolution Video Capabilities
Play, Pause & Mute Capabilities
Alphabet Scroll Bar Searchability


It is amazing to think about how far technology has come over the last decade. From touch screens to phone apps and digital signage. Companies can now use the benefits of technology to help better connect with their customers. Let REACH Media Network transform the way you market, entertain, and interact with your customers through our interactive touchscreen solutions.

  • Customization – Take total control of what is shown throughout your boards with the click of a button. Share the same message over multiple signs, or treat each sign individually with its own message by using our content management function.
  • Easy to Use – Our software is not rocket science. The software does all of the hard work and leaves the rest to you. You will be amazed at how productive this will make you compared to the old manual process you were using when providing updates.
  • Support – If you run into any issues with installation or software mishaps, no need to worry. We provide full support from start to finish when dealing with our products.
  • Reliable – Providing 99% uptime, you will rarely ever have to deal with any network issues, which is sure to keep your customers happy!


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