A Quick Start Guide to Corporate Communications Digital Signage

A Quick Start Guide to Corporate Communications Digital Signage

Corporate Communications & Digital Signage

In a modern office, people are receiving thousands of pieces of information nearly every second. This can make for a rather hectic working environment where crucial data can be mixed up with other materials. Digital signage, however, can help alleviate these frustrations by streamlining the corporate communications process. Once your setup is complete, digital signage software allows you to update announcements, create calendars, and communicate with staff in real time without the restrictions of traditional media. Looking to try digital signage out yourself? Click here to get started!


The first order of business would be getting the proper hardware to set up a digital sign. This typically includes however many screens you will need and the hardware to stream content to those screens. The hardware you will need is called a digital signage player, and it is the device that connects to your displays in order to project content. REACH’s software is “hardware agnostic,” meaning it is compatible with any type of player, ranging from Fire TV Sticks to BrightSign. However, some players have more extensive capabilities than others, so be sure to research which players suit your needs. REACH is also a hardware provider, so contact us for recommendations!

A Quick Start Guide to Corporate Communications Digital Signage


Which screen you use to display content is ultimately up to your preference, but there are a few guidelines we would recommend to get started. No matter your screen, we recommend at least getting a 1920 x 1080 resolution screen. This is the standard for high-definition images, and you never want to show anything at low res. This will ensure your announcements are clear and easy to read. When it comes to the size of the screen, we recommend going for at least a 42” screen or larger. However, be sure not to go too large when getting a screen unless your communication strategy calls for it. Analyze your objectives and make a decision from there!


Finding digital signage software should be the easiest part of the process…because you’ve already found the best one! REACH offers hundreds of apps and integrations that allow you to tailor your digital marketing to your needs. Each facet of your design can be fully customized, or you can contact REACH’s creative time for professional design work. Our award-winning customer support works 24/7 to guarantee a smooth user experience for each of our clients. Request a free demo today and see how your business can benefit from REACH’s CMS.


REACH acts as both a hardware and software provider for digital signage. When you partner with REACH, you join a network of industry professionals committed to your success. A strong belief in evolving technologies runs throughout the company, resulting in robust digital solutions. To begin your digital signage journey, click the button below to request a free demo from REACH today!

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