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If you’re new to the digital signage world, you may be asking yourself why is digital signage important? Well, there are countless reasons organizations of all sizes are using digital signage to boost productivity, better inform their target audience and more quickly disseminate information. At REACH, our digital signage software offers a whole host ofContinue reading “Why is Digital Signage Important?”

At REACH Media Network, we have a large number of clients in the education sector. Our digital software for schools offers a whole host of features that allow schools and other educational institutions to leverage the power of digital signage. Read on to learn about some of the new features that are available with digitalContinue reading “Digital Software and Hardware Solutions for Education”

REACH Media Network is constantly working on its digital signage software to offer new features to its partners. Because of the cloud-based nature of the software, REACH developers can constantly add new updates to the software without partners having to spend time upgrading their devices. All upgrades happen in the cloud, which allows partners toContinue reading “Real-Time Digital Signage Interruptions Functionality Released”

Are you looking for digital signage for your organization? If so, the team at REACH Media Network offers digital signage software that features a whole host of features that will be welcomed by you and your team. Read on to learn some of the new features of our interactive digital signage with free apps &Continue reading “Interactive Digital Signage with Free Apps & Widgets”

At most healthcare facilities, it’s a constant balancing act between being as productive as possible while still keeping the needs of your patients in mind at all times. One way that many of our partners are seeing a boost in patient satisfaction numbers is through the use of healthcare digital signage for staff & patients.Continue reading “Healthcare Digital Signage for Staff & Patients”

Sony Interactive Entertainment Expands REACH Digital Signage Program REACH Media Network is excited to announce an expanded partnership with media powerhouse Sony Interactive Entertainment, based in San Mateo, CA. Sony Interactive Entertainment is a household name thanks to PlayStation as well as its other interactive game offerings. Sony Interactive Entertainment was established in 1993 andContinue reading “Sony Interactive Entertainment Expands REACH Digital Signage Program”

REACH Media Network is excited to announce a new SharePoint digital signage integration that will be welcomed by many organizations around the world. This new integration allows an organization’s SharePoint data to be automatically ingested into REACH digital signage software so that this data can then be displayed on screens across an organization. SharePoint isContinue reading “REACH’s SharePoint Digital Signage Integration Gets Major Upgrade”

At REACH Media Network, our digital signage software works with a wide array of digital signage hardware platforms. This ensures that our partners can use our technology in all types of applications and industries. Regardless of what type of digital signage needs you may have; our team will be more than happy to work withContinue reading “Digital Signage Hardware”

REACH Media Network is excited to announce an expansion of an existing arrangement with The Minnesota Valley Transit Authority (MVTA). REACH and the MVTA have been partners since 2016, and this new expansion will allow even more residents in seven suburbs surrounding Minneapolis and St. Paul to experience this cutting edge digital signage technology. TheContinue reading “Minnesota Valley Transit Authority Expands Digital Signage with REACH”

If you’re interested in learning more about adding digital signage to your organization, facility or retail location, we understand that you have quite a few options. At REACH, we work hard to provide the best web based digital signage software in the industry. Read on to learn why organizations of all sizes continue to lookContinue reading “Web-Based Digital Signage Software”