Phillips Tube Group Boosts Efficiency With Digital Signage

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Phillips Tube Group Improves Production Efficiency Through Digital Signage

Promoting safety tips and production statistics improves workflow


Phillips Tube Group is a manufacturing company that provides highly formable coated and non-coated welded steel tubes for numerous industries. As the number one fuel filler manufacturer in the world, Phillips needed a way to communicate with the 3 plants they have located across the U.S. Keeping staff up-to-date on company production metrics and safety protocols was essential to cultivating an efficient work environment. However, such large-scale communication would require a modern solution. Cloud-based digital signage software would provide an excellent avenue for communication between facilities. Looking to try digital signage out yourself? Click here to sign up!

The Challenge

Phillips Tube Group wanted an easy way to communicate with its staff across each of its facilities. Being able to display production metrics and safety reminders was critical to boosting their workflow and improving work conditions. Additionally, PTG wanted a way to share assets between facilities. Doing so would allow them to update statistics quickly between each location without having to physically travel there. Communication was essential to making sure each plant met its goals, but they needed a more modern strategy to get information out. This would reduce confusion and allow each plant to work more efficiently. Safety tips and reminders would also decrease the need for long, routine training sessions. After searching around Google, PTG partnered up with REACH.

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The Solution

By integrating digital signage into their communication strategy, Phillips would be able to create user groups according to the staff’s needs through each location. In addition, they can create organizations within the content management system to allow for easy file sharing between locations. Syncing files through OneDrive allow for further cloud integration. The tools offered through REACH also allow each facility to tailor its display to its needs while maintaining company-wide branding guidelines. Counter apps allow them to record certain statistics specific to each location, as shown in the example here. Meanwhile, menu boards display crucial information in a succinct manner.

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The Results

Since partnering with REACH, PTG has streamlined its communication approach and has consolidated its assets through cloud technology. PTG has also expanded its digital signage initiative by expanding to 20 screens across its 3 locations. Due to the flexibility of the software, they have also been able to implement custom integrations through PLEX the further simplify their daily workflow. The result has been a noticeable increase in productivity and efficiency.


“REACH has allowed us to do everything we want to do.”

John Mongenas, Director of Information Technology at Phillips Tube Group


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