Digital Signage and How It Can Improve Your Business

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How Can I Use Digital Signage for My Business?

Modern technological innovations are changing the way companies communicate with their audience, and digital signage solutions are a driving force. Due to the powerful applications and integrations offered through digital signage software, businesses can implement interactive displays, real-time advertising updates, and dynamic messaging tools that enrich the user experience. However, it is important to understand exactly what digital signage is before you begin experimenting with your own displays.

So what is digital signage? Digital signage encompasses the software, hardware, and content that work in tandem to deliver messaging to your audience. If one of these fails, your entire signage strategy could be compromised. That is why REACH is ready to help! This article will walk you through how to get the most out of your digital signage displays and take control of your messaging. Looking to try it out yourself? Click here to sign up!

The Benefits of Digital Signage for Your Business

Business uses for digital signage can vary, but the benefits of using sign displays can be enjoyed by all. For instance, any organization needs some method of internal communication. Therefore, the ability to share assets between facilities, create user groups, and update announcements in real-time go a long way toward making sure everyone is on the same page. Other tools like the calendar app keep people informed on what events they need to be aware of, and data lists can convey important information in a concise manner.

While these are shared benefits that any organization can utilize, specific benefits will come down to how businesses use their signage software. For example, let’s look at the following example from Kokomo Joe’s. Being a restaurant, Kokomo Joe’s uses the data list app to create an easy-to-understand menu board. However, a production plant may use a data list to display production statistics. Additionally, their playlist zone is small and placed to the top-left of the layout, whereas most companies will feature it more prominently. This allows Kokomo Joe’s to promote new items and attractions without taking focus away from the board.

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Digital Signage Methods: Which Should You Choose?

With so much variety offered through digital signage, it is important to narrow down the methods by which you will use your displays. For instance, if you wanted to create a video wall with multiple screens, you will have to look at both the screen size and screen resolution for your display. Even two identical screens can have entirely different purposes within the same location. One screen can act as welcome signage placed at the front of the store, while another promotes limited-time deals at the register. These are just a few examples of commercial uses for a digital sign.

The Best Brands in the Industry: Which One is For You?

There are many hardware and software companies out there to choose from, which can make it hard to pick something that is a good fit for your business. Some of the most popular commercial signage brands include TCL, Sony, and Samsung. These are leaders in the screen space and include vibrant colors that will make your ads pop. However, be sure to consider the traffic these signs will get, as you do not need to invest in the best business signs for each screen. As for hardware to play your signage on, Azulle and Brightsign are some of the most powerful players on the market, but depending on your needs, you may only need a Fire Stick. For software, there is obviously only one recommendation that matters…REACH!

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Digital Signage to Boost Revenue

Many see sales increases, greater engagement, and more customer loyalty as a result of successful digital signage campaigns. The key is to have a strong strategy before making the jump. Placing a sign in any random place will not net you positive results. But you also do not have to do it alone. That is where we come in.

REACH acts as both a hardware and software provider for digital signage. When you partner with REACH, you join a network of industry professionals committed to your success. A strong belief in evolving technologies runs throughout the company, resulting in robust digital solutions. To begin your digital signage journey, click the button below to request a free demo from REACH today!