The Benefits of Digital Signage & How it Can Help Your Brand

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Digital Signage Benefits Can Help Your Brand

What is Digital Signage?

Before jumping into the world of digital signage, it is first important to understand exactly what it is. Digital signage encompasses the hardware, software, and content that work in tandem to deliver information to an audience. In addition, digital signage software will typically run through a cloud-based management system. This means that all of your assets, users, and data will run and be saved in the cloud. As a result, you will be able to update your displays in real-time from any location as long as you have a WiFi connection.

Understanding your signage technology is critical to using it effectively. Once you know what you are working with, you can begin implementing strategies that will help you get the most out of your signage. Doing so can actually yield a return on investment on your signage. Are you looking for your own digital signage provider? Click here to sign up today!

4 Ways to Increase Marketing ROI by Utilizing Digital Signage

Eye-Catching Content Relevant to Your Audience

While it may seem obvious, many companies struggle to routinely push out content that their audiences will not only enjoy but will also find useful. Take this example from Lamar University. The playlist section showcases beautiful pictures that introduce visitors to campus. Next to that is a scrolling calendar of events for the day. This keeps students involved in what is going on around school. A 3-day forecast is also displayed that gives visitors an idea of how their activities may be impacted by weather. Finally, a U.S. News ticker keeps visitors informed while also providing some brief entertainment.

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Leverage Social Media

Social media can be a great tool that allows you to re-use existing content in a new way. Many successful digital marketing strategies use social media as a key piece of communication with their audience. For instance, Stonhard Group uses social media to streamline its internal messaging. Posting social media feeds can help keep employees on the same page with organizational policies and initiatives. Additionally, the righthand side of the layout is dedicated to inspiring quotes and company values. Displaying this content on a production floor actually motivates employees and increases productivity.

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Display KPIs and Production Metrics

As stated above, implementing KPI and production metrics can result in a boost to your company’s productivity. Working more efficiently also means increased profits. In this example, Carter Machinery rotates through production metrics, they also keep a running counter for multiple facilities. These counters keep track of how many days each facility works without incident. Doing so motivates workers to uphold safety practices as they strive to increase their number of consecutive days. Additionally, being able to see how they stack up against their peers introduces a bit of healthy competition that builds a sense of community in the workplace.

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Providing Wayfinding Tools

Large office buildings and hospitals often need some type of wayfinding to help visitors navigate their facilities. Media Real Estate exemplifies exceptional digital wayfinding by having clear, high-contrast text that makes it easy to read. Additionally, a time and weather app is included to give viewers an idea of the weather outside of the facility as well as keep them updated on the time for their appointments. Including supplemental content that works in tandem with your main assets gives your viewers more reasons to revisit your signage. To increase engagement, try filling out your layouts, but be sure not to overcrowd your signage.

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How to Make Your Brand Stand Out with Personalized Content on Display

The last thing any company needs to stand out is a personality. Seriously! Viewers are exposed to hundreds of thousands of messages every day. While digital signage has a higher recall rate than other media, it is still important to stand out from the rest. Injecting a bit of personality into your brand makes it more relatable to consumers and makes your digital displays more interesting.


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