March Madness Signage Is A Slam Dunk For Any Business


With March on the horizon, there’s a few things everyone is preparing for. While seasonal changes and allergies may throw some for a loop, there’s one thing everyone is looking forward to: basketball! The NCAA March Madness tournament is one of the most popular sporting events in the country, averaging about 10.7 million viewers with about 18 million tuning in for the championship game. With such a wide audience, many digital signage users find themselves wanting to display content based around the tournament. Obviously one of the more popular options is to stream the game through live streaming or TV streaming options. This will display the games directly within your layouts, ensuring viewers never miss a moment no matter where they are.

However, there are other ways March Madness content can be created and shared through digital signage. RSS ticker feeds can deliver news and updates about the tourney in a quick, concise manner. This is a great option for those who want to get involved in “the Madness” but don’t want to dedicate too much space to it. You can find feeds by simply Googling “NCAA March Madness ticker,” or by using one of our premade sports templates. Calendars can scroll to show which games will be playing that day, giving viewers time to prepare for their most anticipated matches. News headlines and social media posts can keep everyone informed on which schools and players are having a good season. As demonstrated, there are a variety of ways your business can get involved in the March Madness craze. But doing so provides greater benefits than just entertaining your viewers. This guide will detail the benefits of streaming March Madness content through digital signage. 


March Madness is a time that captures the attention of millions of people across the country. As a result, people will want access to tournament updates at a moment’s notice, wherever they are. By providing this kind of entertainment, you’re providing a reason for viewers to check back in with your signage everyday to catch the game or updates. As they’re drawn in by the game, they can also engage with other content you may fill the layout with to supplement the tournament content. As this content is consumed, viewers will begin to associate the information they’re receiving and the positivity of this experience with your brand. This will encourage them to continue to return to your screens to receive additional information, eventually resulting in a potential desired action. Entertainment comes in many forms, from fun facts about the tournament to news highlights. Regardless of how you get involved, March Madness content is a simple, surefire way to entertain your audience and get them coming back for more!


We’ve already detailed how March Madness content gets viewers in front of screens through dynamic entertainment and information. It’s a great way to ensure repeat visits over time. However, it can also benefit your internal teams as well. March Madness is content that does not have to be created by internal marketing or creative teams. This means once the integration is set up, you can set it and forget it! As a result, more time is freed up for your team to focus on creating other content that can be displayed alongside or in place of March Madness content. Even user generated content can be leveraged through social media channels. This can streamline workflows to create a more efficient workplace. Not only that, but these displays can be placed around the office or in common areas like break rooms. Letting staff engage with this content re-energizes them and gives them the boost they need to carry through the day. Teams should see an increase in productivity as a result. 

march madness digital signage


March also marks the beginning of the spring season for many. Chances are, the look of your signage has likely remained the same for multiple months. A change in seasons calls for a change in signage. But updating the content of your screens is also beneficial. People begin to become used to the same displays they see everyday. Switching things up immediately captures attention and draws in more curiosity. If you’re not known for sports content, March Madness can help you capture audiences that normally would not visit your displays. This in turn expands the reach of your message, allowing it to reach more people. Of course, current viewers will also appreciate the change in pace, and will be more likely to engage with new content as well. Regardless, implementing new content is a benefit to both your business and your viewers. 


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