How to Integrate Microsoft PowerBI with Digital Signage to Display Your KPIs

Why PowerBI?

PowerBI is a Microsoft-powered platform that allows for the creation and display of data sets, spreadsheets, KPIs, and other infographics. As a leading business intelligence platform, PowerBI offers a suite of tools that help condense large data sets into well-designed graphs. Displaying this type of information is helpful for staff, as they can use the information provided to make quick adaptations in their workday. Additionally, integrations with other Microsoft and cloud applications make it a flexible service. This flexibility makes PowerBI the perfect app to integrate with your digital signage solution. As a result, your team can see a major boost in efficiency and communication.

Using PowerBI

The main purpose of PowerBI is to display sets of data in a variety of easy-to-understand ways. A corporate office may display information such as sales trends, competitor standings, and current objectives. But in another industry, a manufacturing plant may display production metrics and goals, along with performance efficiency ratings. Regardless of the facility, PowerBI provides useful insights that can result in better business strategies. However, if you begin working outside of the default settings of PowerBI, you will have to set up some integrations. Thankfully, PowerBI’s cloud-powered software allows for easy integration with a host of services.

Setting up PowerBI

Linking your PowerBI account with REACH’s content-management system is a simple process. However, your PowerBI account must be a Pro or Premium version to set up[ the integration. When you have that set up, you will sign in once you choose the PowerBI app within the layout editor. Once you are signed in, you can choose which reports you want to embed into your layout.

However, you can link a host of other applications within your PowerBI account. Here are some additional services you can link with PowerBI:


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