How 2 Case Studies Show The Power of Government Digital Signage


Digital signage offers a degree of flexibility not found in traditional communication methods that any industry can utilize. From synchronizing social media timelines to promoting events, digital signage has been shown to bolster communication and lead teams to accomplishing their goals. As a result, government agencies are beginning to adopt digital signage solutions as a means to interact with their communities. Municipality and government digital signage opens the door to more creative marketing touchpoints that allow you to engage your community in exciting ways. Apps like PowerBI can chart out how much a fundraiser or food drive has raised, while a news outlet integration can give viewers a daily reason to return. Of course, some apps you will use more than others, but they all work in tandem to provide a unique communication avenue between your brand and its target audience. In fact, some of REACH’s own clients have found great uses for digital displays in government locations. This article will briefly detail each case study and how each location utilizes their digital signage to the max. Not signed on and looking to try digital signage yourself? Click here to request a free demo or click the button below to begin talking to an expert.



The Snohomish County Public Utility Department supplies energy and water to over 800 thousand residents in Washington State. With such a large audience and a complex network of services across the state, the company needed a fast, reliable way to output messaging to its community and employees. Employees needed to know what jobs to prioritize and what areas needed more attention, and the community needed to know about energy and water updates on the surrounding area. A weekly newsletter wasn’t getting as much attention as they wanted, and emails saw similar levels of engagement. Hence, part of the reason to adopt government digital signage was driven by a need to get people to actually read their messaging more. Considering digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays, Snohomish County had found its solution. Now, Snohomish County has implemented both internal signage to communicate with staff across facilities, as well as welcome messaging for potential visitors. This keeps employees informed and on task, while visitors and clients receive an idea of the company’s goals, mission statement, and identity the moment they walk through the doors. Now that crucial information is being shared digitally and through these displays, Snohomish County has actually seen a boon to other communication methods as well! In addition to higher retention rates, the department has also seen an increase in its open rate reaching 80%. Viewers are seeing the information through these displays, and then going to their computers or personal devices to interact with content further. The result is a more informed business that works more efficiently to better serve the community. In turn, the audience is more informed about the condition of these essential services, decreasing potential frustrations or confusion. By utilizing municipality signage, Snohomish County exemplifies how digital displays can strengthen communication across the board.

county facility digital signage


Located in the southeast region of the state of Florida, Hallandale Beach is a city that serves more than 30,000 residents. Serving as both a residential area as well as a popular tourist destination, Hallandale Beach required a communication method that allowed them to tailor their messaging based on each display’s location. Hosting plenty of community events, many of which can be dependent on weather, meant employees would have to travel to physical locations to update poster boards that inform residents on today’s events. Wanting to cut back on printing costs and needing a timelier solution, the city eventually partnered with REACH. Now, Hallandale Beach is able to update all its signs from one central location. This allows them to get out updates immediately, as the displays reflect these changes in real-time. They’ve also integrated other media, synchronizing their social media channels and calendar software to expand their capabilities. This has added a distinct brand personality to their signage, and expanded their digital reach. The city has even implemented some more advanced signage applications, such as live TV streaming that entertains viewers as they wait in lobbies or other common areas. As a result, Hallandale Beach is able to provide an entertaining experience at every point in a viewers visit, ensuring there is no downtime or room for getting frustrated. With proper implementation, they have also maintained brand consistency across all their displays, providing a holistic experience to their community regardless of where they find themselves. Through government digital signage, Hallandale Beach is able to serve its community and streamline its day-to-day activities.

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Now that you’ve seen some examples of how proper government signage can strengthen a community, you may be wondering what’s next for you! As stated at the start of this article, you can click either of those links to begin talking to an expert or request a free demo. A free demo will show you how your signage could look after all your branding guidelines and needs have been built out. However before this, you may even want to research what types of materials you need for a digital signage system. For instance, BrightSign players are devices that allow your content to be streamed from REACH’s content-management software to your screens. These players are known as the most reliable on the market, and come with a host of advanced features. However, depending on your needs, you may be able to get away with just an Amazon Fire Stick. From there, getting a proper display, finding the right location, and gathering players is all up to you! But REACH is there to help. As both a software and hardware provider, we can get you up and running with everything you need. Once you get started, you will then have 24/7 access to our support team that will help you with all your signage needs.


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