Expedite Your Content With Summer Digital Signage Templates


When it comes to creating digital signage content, many people overthink the details. Many believe if they do not have a full creative team or image editing skills, that they do not have what it takes to create professionally designed assets. However, that is simply not the case! Many software platforms offer options that allow you to create content based on prebuilt assets. Prebuilt assets can be mixed with original content to flesh out certain parts of your designs. By properly utilizing prebuilt assets, you can speed up the content creation process to output even more messaging. For instance, summer is a quick season, so getting ads out quickly and updating promotional materials at a moment’s notice is critical. These tools come in a variety of forms, from templates to app content. From there, you can even stylize them to fit your branding standards. Additionally, integrations can even be set up to automatically pull and update content from third-party sources. In this article, we will go over each of these options and how you can leverage them to get the most out of your digital signage. Then, you’ll be able to churn out content all summer long! Have you been looking to try digital signage yourself? Click here to get started!


One of the best ways to begin using prebuilt assets is by utilizing digital design templates. These templates give you fully built designs that let you tweak and replace parts of it to your liking. This way, you can utilize these assets while maintaining branding guidelines, or replace them with original content altogether. You can view a variety of templates our team and clients have made by clicking here. Regardless, the format and layout of the designs will already be built out for you, so all you have to do is plug and chug!

Of course, these types of templates extend beyond just signage layouts. Apps come equipped with pre-designed templates and formats as well. For instance, the Calendar app lets you choose from vertical scrolling, static, stacked schedules, fading options, and more! Other apps have similar options. Our News app has plenty of pre-installed API connections so you can begin showing stories you care about. These range from sports to entertainment to politics, allowing you to serve any demographic in your target audience. Of course, you can create your own API connections as well, but having a library of some of the most popular news outlets will help you get your content off the ground! These templates are not only restricted to business-related displays but can also be used to promote other aspects of your brand as well. Employee highlight and recognition templates personify your brand and instill appreciation and loyalty amongst the rest of your staff. Meanwhile, social media templates expand your digital footprint beyond the bounds of your typical displays. Essentially, these templates can help you speed up the creative process and allow for easy output of promotional materials.

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As stated previously, some apps will generate content automatically for you. For example, the Quotes and Trivia apps will update content and display fresh inspiration or knowledge every day. Another obvious example is the News app, which will automatically update the news, highlights, and images on display depending on the template you choose. Establishing these connections takes a bit of busy work off your plate and allows you to focus on more important matters. The Ticker app works in much the same way, allowing you to create your own connections or pull from a variety of prebuilt RSS feeds. Once the feed is synchronized, all stories will be pulled and displayed automatically to your signage.


When you partner with REACH, you automatically gain access to hundreds upon hundreds of stock photos, assets, and templates available for use. These stock images are also updated regularly to provide fresh content year-round. Templates offer simple plug-and-chug action that allows you to simply swap pre-built assets with your own images. In addition, many of our templates take care of the hard work, such as adding scrolling animations. REACH also offers free custom work through our design team. Our creatives will work with you to deliver assets that make your displays shine while adhering to your branding guidelines.

Every season REACH adds new stock images and photos for use in any designs. So long as you have an active REACH account, these collections will be available to you. Entire playlists dedicated to monthly holidays are available to add a bit of flair and celebration to your displays too. These are easy content pieces that can fit into almost any marketing objective as a fun way to relate to your audience.


REACH acts as both a hardware and software provider for digital signage. When you partner with REACH, you join a network of industry professionals committed to your success. A strong belief in evolving technologies runs throughout the company, resulting in robust digital solutions. To begin your digital signage journey, click the button below to request a free demo from REACH today!