2022 Holiday Guide for Your Digital Signage

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It’s that time of year again! As we enter the final months of the year, preparations for the last slew of holidays will begin to ramp up, and digital signage is here to help. REACH has prepared all new templates and playlists to help get your displays in the holiday spirit. These stock images can be used freely by clients and transformed to fit your holiday messaging. Don’t know where to start? No worries! We have included ideas on how you can adapt your signage for each major holiday below. Click here to sign up for a free trial, today!

11/21 – Start of Winter/National Ginger Bread Cookie Day

Today marks the first official day of winter! And what better way to celebrate than to cook up some great signage on National Ginger Bread Cookie Day! Menu Boards can be updated to promote limited-time gingerbread cookies and other seasonal desserts. Additionally, recipes and guided video tutorials can engage your audience by tantalizing those tastebuds. You can even have fun around the office by posting homemade gingerbread men created by staff and visitors! Integrating social media channels can help get viewers in on the fun by posting their creations as well. This is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit early.

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11/24 – Thanksgiving

At REACH, we’re always thankful for robust digital signage solutions, and you can be too this holiday! Your signage can highlight employees and give thanks to your staff for all their hard work over the year. You can also integrate company social media channels to display favorite Thanksgiving meals, traditions, and recipes, which boosts morale and gets everyone involved. If you have any Thanksgiving or Black Friday sales, you can begin posting those ahead of time so viewers know where to go once their bellies are full!

happy thanksgiving digital signage ideas

11/25 – Black Friday

As stated above, the day following Thanksgiving is when many run to their favorite stores to score some sweet deals. If you have any Black Friday deals coming up, promoting those beforehand through digital signage has been shown to increase retention and draw more attention. You can then schedule your menu boards and signage to automatically update and promote deals, sales, and limited-timed items. After the sales are over, your regular programming will resume. This ensures your store is ready to give viewers a comprehensive shopping experience where they have the information and resources they need.

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11/26 – International Cake Day/Small Business Saturday

With Thanksgiving over, it’s now time for dessert! On International Cake Day, it’s important to have fun with your signage. Posting cake recipes and photos or an eye-catching video can keep people glued to your screens for longer periods. TV programming like “Cake Boss” can also be live-streamed through TV and internet streaming. Even YouTube channels centered around cakes can be streamed to entertain your audience and give them some tasty ideas! Some programming can even be educational, like producing fun facts about different cakes made in different cultures and countries around the world.

On the same day, we celebrate Small Business Saturday. This day celebrates everything small businesses do for their communities and is meant to draw attention to supporting them. For many small businesses, digital signage can give you a competitive edge by providing a state-of-the-art communication system. The cloud-based software will let you update your content at a moment’s notice, allowing you to compete on a larger scale.

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11/27 – Advent Begins

Advent begins Nov. 27 and goes through Dec. 24. The season of Advent is meant as an era of preparation for the Second Coming of Christ and a celebrtation of his birth. Providing historical programming on the event leading up to this religious holiday can depend your audience’s understanding of the holiday. Each week can detail specific stories, similar to how they would be presented in mass. In fact, sermons can even be live-streamed to ensure no one misses out!

advent digital signage

11/28 – Cyber Monday

The sales don’t stop! On Cyber Monday, the internet will explode with more deals and sales. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t use digital signage to help promote your business. Using QR codes within your stores can redirect in-store patrons directly to your website. From there, they can take advantage of great online deals. Promotions and other deals can also be displayed as described previously on Black Friday. This ensures your audience can still interact with your signage while enjoying deals. This gives your messaging a multi-step engagement path.

cyber monday digital signage

11/29 – Giving Tuesday

Be sure to pick up some presents for friends and family during all those sales, because today is Giving Tuesday. This holiday is meant to act as a global movement of generosity and inspire people to be selfless. As such encouraging people to share some of the best gifts they’ve given and received can help get people into the holiday spirit. Using social media channels and employee highlights can make sharing these stories much easier. Not only that, but giving to charity and highlighting community acts and other services your business has been involved in is a great source of content to display on your signage.

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12/3 – International Persons With Disabilities Day

Today, we celebrate people with disabilities and everything they contribute to our society. Educational programs that detail history such as the formation of the Americans with Disabilities Act can shed light on the historical significance of this population and their fight for equal rights. Additionally, resources and centers for people with disabilities can be displayed through digital directories and wayfinding tools. Doing so can show a vested interest in surrounding communities that will bolster your reputation.

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12/4 – National Cookie Day

No need to save these ones till Christmas! Enjoy a tasty treat on National Cookie Day. There’s a cookie for everyone out there, so be sure to update those menu boards to reflect limited-time offers on cookies. Be sure to also include some recipes and favorite cookie stories to get everyone motivated for the holiday. If you really want to get the tastebuds going, streaming step-by-step baking tutorials can inspire people to go home and start cooking, and then return to see what new recipes await them. This is a great opportunity to have fun with your signage, so get creative!

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12/18 – National Ice Cream Day

So far, we’ve enjoyed cookies, cake, and even gingerbread men. But now, it’s time to put the cherry on top with National Ice Cream Day! Same as before, updating menu boards to promote limited-time flavors, toppings, recipes, and more can go a long way toward drawing people to your signage. You can even have signage leading up to the big event highlighting employees’ favorite flavors or ice cream joints. With the right signage, your displays will be sweet!

ice cream digital signage

12/18 – Hanukkah

This day in December is the first of an 8-day celebration in the Jewish religion called Hanukkah. Hanukkah celebrates the recovery of Jerusalem and the rededication of the Second Temple during the revolt against the Seleucid Empire. The festival is marked through 8 days and nights where families across the globe will light candles on a menorah and give gifts to friends and family. Traditional foods are cooked and many will sing songs in commemoration as well. With all this in mind, the possibilities for celebrating with digital signage are endless!

happy hanukkah digital signage ideas

12/25 – Christmas

The celebrations continue because today is Christmas! Get into the ho-ho-holiday spirit with festive digital signage. Last-minute Christmas day sales can be promoted across a variety of signage. Christmas day movies can take on a new life by streaming them across all your displays. Christmas-themed events can be automatically set up to come and go as your holiday messaging comes to a close. Even leveraging older content, such as your gingerbread man materials, can breathe fresh life into an old campaign. No matter what you do, these ideas can help everyone feel jolly!

merry christmas digital signage

12/26 Kwanzaa/ Boxing Day

Kwanzaa begins on Dec. 26 and ends on Jan. 1 On the final day, those who celebrate partake in a feast called Karamu. This period is a celebration of African-American culture and revolves around commemorating and educating their culture. Traditional music, foods, and folklore are shared with many across the world. With that in mind, getting into the holiday spirit through digital signage can be used as an opportunity to educate and share with your community.

Another celebration going on this day is Boxing Day! Originally started in Commonwealth countries as a day to give gifts to those less fortunate, now it is a day meant to continue giving gifts and perform some last-minute shopping. Make sure your signage reflects these last-minute deals!

kwanzaa digital signage

12/31 – 1/1 – New Year’s Eve & Day

Another year, another opportunity for great digital signage! This can be used both as a point of reflection for your business as well as an opportunity to look towards the future. Objectives outlined in the previous year juxtaposed with goals met are great ways to demonstrate how your staff’s hard work pays off. Additionally, future goals and projections can give your company an idea of what’s to come in the future, and where to focus their areas of improvement. This can kick your year off to a great start and boost morale across the board.

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