YMCA Of Greater Boston Boosts Engagement With Digital Signage


The YMCA of Greater Boston began its search for digital signage nearly 10 years ago. Hoping to unify its brand image while still granting creative freedom amongst its facilities, the YMCA began looking for modern communication software. Now, the YMCA of Greater Boston hosts an advanced network that allows them to easily update their messaging at a moment’s notice. Looking to try digital signage out yourself? Click here to sign up today!

The Challenge

A decade ago, the YMCA of Greater Boston communicated with visitors through PCs hooked up behind TV screens. Through a VCN connection, PowerPoint slides would occasionally scroll throughout each of its facilities. However, each display had to be changed manually, resulting in inefficient use of the staff’s time and effort. This would also result in mixed messaging and announcements not adhering to brand standards. Lastly, with staff turnover, new employees would struggle to familiarize themselves with the complex system. With this in mind, it was time to implement a more streamlined solution that would solve these issues while still giving each facility creative control. After a successful demo, they partnered with REACH to implement YMCA digital signage software.

The Solution

With a more contemporary communication system, The YMCA of Greater Boston has revitalized interactions with its community. Implementing single-sign on has improved the onboarding process for new users and increased security at each location. Content creation has also seen a boost through the YMCA’s Canva integration, allowing them to pump out content at a more efficient rate. These announcements and assets can then be uploaded and shared with other facilities as well, allowing the YMCA to provide accurate, up-to-date info at a moment’s notice. The flexibility of the system has even encouraged them to get more creative with their advertising, uploading commercial-quality videos that play in high-traffic areas!

ymca digital signage case study

The Results

Community engagement has increased exponentially since implementing cloud-based signage. Users actively seek out signage now for events, fun facts, and trivia. Across its 14 locations, the YMCA of Boston has even begun implementing touchscreen signage in some locations and plans to expand its signage initiative even further moving forward.


“It’s been a great relationship…[REACH] was able to ship off all the hardware and everything!”

Philip DeFeo, IT Manager at YMCA of Greater Boston


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