Digital Directories

Colorful directory digital signage being displayed on the outside of a hospital building
Colorful directory digital signage being displayed on the outside of a hospital building
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A digital directory can deliver a vast amount of information to your audience in a simple manner. From room locations to office hours, digital directories will help tenants navigate your building more efficiently!



Digital directories are another way your signage can provide a service to your tenants. By presenting information in a straightforward manner, your audience can spend more time interacting with your business rather than navigating your building.

Digital Directories


Arranging your directory information into data sets is the easiest way to organize your material, and can be customized to fit your branding guidelines.



Digital directories provide a crisp image with detailed legends that make it easy to find desired locations.

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Already have a data set made in Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets? Import it directly into the Data List tab and immediately display it on your signage!



REACH provides multiple pre-built digital directory templates that can help launch your content library. From employee recognition and anniversaries to new hires, multiple categories are available to help you flesh out your internal communication efforts. Each template can be edited and designed to fit your branding standards as well!

Colorful hospital directory for Methodist Hospital
White and bronze directory digital signage featuring news, announcements, and weather for 2303 Jackson
Black and blue directory digital signage featuring news and weather for Arrow
Blue and orange directory digital signage displaying sports news and weather for Thunderbird Plaza
Blue and white directory digital signage featuring local weather and map for Westchase III
Blue, white, and red directory digital signage displaying news, local weather, and local map for Capital Associates
Green and blue featuring local weather for  REACH Prairie Springs
Blue and yellow directory digital signage featuring announcements and social feeds for Texas A&M University
Blue directory digital signage for Prairie Springs Building
Hospital Directory
2303 Jackson
Arrow Directory
Thunderbird Plaza
Westchase III
Capital Associates
REACH Prairie Spring
Prairie Springs Building Directory
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Hospital Directory
2303 Jackson
Arrow Directory
Thunderbird Plaza
Westchase III
Capital Associates
REACH Prairie Spring
Prairie Springs Building Directory
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Engaging Apps


Make your signage pop with over 40+ app integrations. From news and weather to social media feeds, apps allow you to flesh out your layout designs and engage your audience with diverse content. With easy customization tools, you can start delivering eye-catching digital solutions in a flash.


Because the directory is digital, you can think outside the box when adding different types of announcements, news feeds, videos, and media. You can also show off things like accommodations at your real estate and rentals’ contact information with a digital directory. You can also use a digital directory to show local news stories. Other things you can put on a digital directory are:

  • Weather radar maps and forecasts
  • Scrolling tickers and news updates
  • Live news and TV channels
  • Local sports scores

A Breakdown of Digital Directories

Many people like using a digital directory because it upgrades your lobbies appearance while allowing you to make edits to tenant listings from anywhere easily. This is a significant benefit. When you’re making your digital directory, there are many different options available you can select from. Follow these design considerations to set up the perfect digital directory.

1. Readability

Whether or not it seems obvious, the most important thing about your digital directory is that it’s easy to read and find what you want. Of course, it can be hard to make the design look good, but the directory should have big font sizes to be seen from a maximum range. 

For people to see the display without problems when they are only a few feet away, the size and font of the text must be right. For font style, keep it simple and basic; this will ensure that your audiences will be able to read the listings easily

2. Layout of Tenants

There should be enough space on the screen for the directory listings not to look too congested, so it is essential to make sure there is enough white space on the screen. 

Also, it’s a good idea only to use bold letters, photos, color combinations, and sizes in the directory parts that you want to stand out. If the listings don’t fill up the whole screen, that’s fine because it will be better for the reader.

3. Images that are of good quality

In the case of using directory images, it will be essential to ensure they are the right size and have a better resolution. You might want to use a picture of your facility or images available. Check to make sure that there is white space next to the photos so that there is a visual separation between the text and the picture itself. It would help if you ensured that the images you choose for your project are ones your company has the right to use. 

4. Public perception 

The concept for the digital directory should match the theme that is being used in all of your marketing materials and website.  In this, you should think about the typefaces and colors.

5. Putting the listings in order

When there are many things in a digital directory, you’ll want to make sure that the digital directory listings are set up in a certain way so that visitors can quickly find the location of the tenant they are looking for. Some ideas are to put this in a specific category or alphabetical order. If you choose the category method, it is best to alphabetize each type. The sub-listings should also not have the same font size and color as the main list. 

6. Clean and easy

While there are many options, the digital directory design should align with the rest of the plan.  People who go to the site will be happier if there is some consistency in how everything looks. People who see your digital directory should see your website’s same look and feel and property management branding guidelines. While the look and feel can be changed, it will be good to stay the same from a functionality point of view.

Digital Directories

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“When we first started, the configuration team at Reach was very helpful in getting a background made up and making sure we were ready to populate the signs. The user interface is straightforward not only to use but to train others to use. It is clear and makes sense, while still be packed with great features.”



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