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AURORA PUBLIC SCHOOLS FULLY UTILIZE THE STRENGTHS OF DIGITAL SIGNAGE FOR EDUCATION Background Digital signage for education is transforming the ways students and staff engage with learning across the country. One of the best examples can be found within the Aurora Public School district. Gradually building its digital signage network, Aurora Public Schools has foundContinue reading “Aurora Public Schools Fully Utilize Digital Signage for Education”

FROSTBURG STATE UNIVERSITY REVAMPS COMMUNICATION WITH DIGITAL SIGNAGE Background Frostburg State University is a higher education facility found in the small but tight-knit community of Frostburg, Maryland. Serving around 3,500 undergrads a semester along with a variety of graduate programs, Frostburg State requires strong communication software to maintain its sense of culture and empower learning.Continue reading “Frostburg State University Revamps Communication With Digital Signage”

NORTHERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY EVOLVES THEIR COMMUNICATION WITH DIGITAL SIGNAGE Background Northern Michigan University is a large campus with a wide variety of departments, students, and staff. As a result, the school finds itself serving many different needs simultaneously each day. Such a necessity requires a powerful communication system that allows the school to disperse informationContinue reading “Digital Signage Empowers Communication at Northern Michigan University”

South Point Casino & Spa Take Live Events To The Next Level Background The South Point Casino & Spa is a bustling facility with dozens of activities for visitors to engage in. Whether trying your luck at the tables, enjoying a round of bowling, or relaxing by the pool, South Point Casino serves a wideContinue reading “Digital Signage Helps South Point Casino & Spa Elevate Live Events”

Making Memories That Stay Vacations, business trips, family reunions. Whatever your guests are visiting for, hotel digital signage can help enhance their stay and create long-lasting memories that position your business as the “go-to” spot to return to! In this document, we will go over creative strategies that will boost your customer experience and makeContinue reading “Key Digital Signage Strategies & Tips for Hospitality”

The hotel business is one of the toughest industries to succeed in because there is so much competition. Most of the time, when you see one hotel, there are at least 2 or 3 more within the same area. You may be wondering, how can we set ourselves apart to attract more customers than theContinue reading “Hospitality Digital Benefit Solutions”